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Amazon offers The Child (Inside) (Audio CD),23 September, 1996
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Extra Track Not Worth It / 4
I like the title song, but the extra addition of the track that contains only snippets of the songs from the album is a waste of time for me and a teasing little bit of marketing that I don't appreciate! I'd rather hear an entire new song, decide if I like it, and then buy the album, rather than be annoyed by a song medley.
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Qkumba Zoo Lyrics and Tabs Directory • Qkumba Zoo Fan Reviews • Qkumba Zoo CDs, T-shirts, Posters, Song Samples • Qkumba Zoo Tour Dates ... Reviews for Wake Up and Dream: Music: Qkumba Zoo Reviews for Wake Up and Dream: Music: Qkumba Zoo by Qkumba Zoo.
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