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Cozy Powell
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Not His Best / 3
I'd have to say that this album on the whole leaves me cold. As with all Cozy's "solo" efforts the drums don't dominate, the music comes first, but Cozy seemed to have got stuck in the "drummer must sound as dumb as a rhythm machine" fashion of the recording industry. The result is from a drumming point of view uninteresting. The songs themselves are stock pop/rock songs, although interesting lyrics on some. Good, but not inspiring.

A must for Cozy fans, but for those wanting an introduction to possibly the greatest rock drummer ever, and brilliant rock music, get "Octopus" or "Over The Top".
Song "Na Na Na"
Na na na na

When I was a kid my old man said to me
When you grow up son what cha gonna be?
You gonna go to school and get a degree?
Or you gonna go to work in a factory?
I said
Na na na na
I know what I want and I know what I can
And I wanna get a job in a rock'n roll band.

the man at the desk said
I know how you feel.
But how d'ya like a job fixing automobiles

Your card says you got no musical training

I said hey
look man
you just don't get my meaning.
I don't wanna be no guitar star
And the man on the piano works too damn hard.
And the bass man he don't cop for no glamour

I wanna be the man with the fifty pound hammer going.

Na na na na

I know you get your kicks
Playing Hendrix licks
You're a wizard of Wembley Central
You're the J. S. Bach of Belsize park

And me I'm just plain mental.
But when I play my boogie
when I play my blues

It's like a whole tank regiment on the move
You can play the notes and you can tell the story

Me I'll just settle for the power and the qlory.

Na na na na

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