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Amazon offers The Pleasure Principle (Audio CD),23 June, 1998
rock music |  Gary Numan  | rock n roll List price $11.98
Good But Over Rated / 4
I can't deny that the Pleasure Principle is a classic. The problem is that the songs are very similar in sound. The reason "Cars" became such a hit, is that it is the most memorable. This is fine for mood music but Gary Numan's Bowie-esque dead pan way of singing becomes dull after a while. Gary Numan was doing the same Joy Division-esque post punk in his previous albums as many bands that later were forgotten but then he was turned on by Ultravox and became one of the first and well known new-wavers. The thing is Ultravox in their first incarnation, especially in their 2nd album, "Ha, Ha, Ha" (which has now been released stateside) were much more original, jarring and creative with the use of synths and closer to the original spirit of Kraftwerk (which is where all this music derives from anyway). Even though "The Pleasure Principle" is from 1979, it is very 80's. Not a bad thing if you are looking for some nice synth pop but there is other stuff out there that is a more challenging listen.
Song "Are You Real"
No one's alive
You could almost be me
What do you mean
"Oh, nothing, nothing at all"
Room 8 top floor
I've seen this man before
Are you real?

Is it me, is it you

Cold metal voice
Of no one's friend it could be mine
My reflection
Is no longer me at all
Am I a fake
Of the man and are you of me
Are you real?

Is it me, is it you

Relax in a backroom
Oh me oh my oh wouldn't you
I know your face
Your connection is broken, boy
Nothing is new
Remember? I've got no time
Are you real?

Is it me, is it you


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