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4.5 stars - An awesome eighties rock debut / 4
Aldo Nova (1982.) Aldo Nova's first album.

Usually when we think of guitar masterminds, the people that come to mind are all either American or English. However, over the years there has been a huge exception to this rule - Canada's Aldo Nova. For many years, this guitar genius shelled out classic power rock that never failed to please. Aldo's first album came out in 1982. Read on for my review of it.

Aldo Nova is one of those musicians who is totally one of a kind. His fusion of pop-flavored rock with the hard and heavy power rock of the day makes this one of the most interesting rock releases of its time. As far as the tracklist goes, the debut is kicked off with Fantasy, which would go on to become the album's biggest hit - and Nova's biggest hit PERIOD. This is keyboard-heavy, Loverboy-esque rock at its very best. This song is more than worthy of all of the popularity it has received over the years. The first song on an album should always be one that will grab your attention and hold onto it - and Aldo Nova's debut succeeds beautifully in this area. Hot Love, the album's second track, features some odd lyrics, but Aldo's guitar playing is top notch. It's Too Late, the third track featured here, sounds like a cross between many of the popular glam rock acts of the era. Aldo's take on this style is nothing short of excellent, and really must be heard to be appreciated. Ball And Chain and Foolin' Yourself are excellent tracks of a more melodic styling, which go to show you just how diverse Also's stylings are. And, of course, who could forget Heart To Heart? This is an excellent rocker, and like just about everything else on the album, you've got to hear this one to be able to appreciate it. Overall, an excellent debut.

Aldo Nova's debut album recently got remastered and reissued, and the rereleased version throws on a bonus track - A demo version of Foolin' Yourself. Rather obviously, I recommend you purchase the remastered edition. With better sound, liner notes, and the bonus cut, what reason is there NOT to get the remastered one? Admittingly though, if you've already got an older release of the album, it's not worth shelling out the cash a second time for the sake of one bonus cut.

An artist's debut album can be one of two things - a masterpice that captures the artist in their prime, or an uneven mix of tracks that serves as the artist's desparate cry for finding a sound. Fortunately, this album is the former. If you're a fan of eighties power rock, don't overlook Aldo Nova. This guy is a guitar mastermind - and this album demonstrates that point ten times over. Highly recommended. Four-and-a-half out of five stars.

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