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Amazon offers Jetstream/Krafty (Audio CD),12 July, 2005
rock music |  New Order  | rock n roll List price $7.49
retirement time? / 3
Funny how modern groups who are clearly influenced by New Order of the 80s put out better songs than New Order, who seem to be trying too hard to sound modern, not realizing that their old sound actually IS modern. However, one of the remixes on this single sort of bring them closer to capturing the modern retro sound. As usual, Jacques Lu Cont takes a modern alternative track and sucks all the energy out of it with a boring house mix (check out mixes of Gwen Stefani and The Killers for further examples of this phenomena). The Richard X mix is the ideal "new wave sounding" mix on this disc, probably the best in the bunch. The Arthur baker mix (considering he's been around since the 80s) is a close second, but it's a bit slow and uninspired. Tom Neville's mix is another uninteresting house mix. And finally, the Pete Heller mix is deep dark and moody, and boring. As a sort of "bonus track", you get two mixes of Krafty not on the original single. The Passengerz mix is surprisingly soft and uninteresting, and is more like a repetitive dub than a full mix. DJ Dan's dub (his vocal mix was on the Krafty single) sounds like it samples the opening drum roll from Bizarre Love Triangle. While energetic and fast, this mix also gets repetitive fast. Track listing:

1. jetstream (radio edit) (3:42)
2. Jetstream (Jacques lu cont mix) (8:21)
3. Jetstream (Richard x remix) (7:36)
4. Jetstream (Arthur baker mix) (7:00)
5. Jetstream (tom Neville mix) (7:30)
6. jetstream (pete heller mix) (phela dub) (9:01)

7. krafty (passengerz revolution club mix) (7:43)
8. Krafty (DJ Dan dub) (8:12)

Song "Young Offender"

Pictures of an image of a person who could not be blamed
You are a colour and you are a number
We need a sanction to see one another
If I keep my distance in the season of this slender hell
It's because of the need to live off one another
Go home young offender and stay undercover

We're busy running out of time
(Whatever it takes, I will make you mine)
I'll take the future from your hands
(All the things I've ever had, I can make the perfect crime)

We're strong, we do our thing
Let the world cry, watch the birds sing
Give me the freedom, I need to recover
Words cannot heal, when a line is your lover

Wind howls in my chamber like an angel
(like an angel)
You are a colour and you are a number
Go home young offender and stay undercover

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