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Amazon offers American Cheese (Audio CD),13 August, 2002
rock music |  Nerf Herder  | rock n roll List price $13.99
A good album with a couple of great songs / 4
Nerf Herder, best known for having performed the theme song for BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (they were also the band that performed in The Bronze the last time it appeared in an episode of Buffy), is actually a pretty decent band. To continue on the Buffy theme, they do songs that pretty much like what you would imagine "The Three" from Season Six would have written. In other words, they are practitioners of Nerd Rock, not quite as accomplished as Fountains of Wayne, but not at all bad. Most of the songs on the album are at least listenable, and I don't think anyone who enjoys alternative rock would dislike this album at all. It won't be the best album in your collection, but neither would it be your worse.

There is, however, one thing that tempers my recommendation, and that is the presence of two of my favorite comic songs of recent years. Although many of the cuts on the album are excellent--"Rock City News" and "New Wave Girl" both stand out--two songs are classics in the making: "Mr. Spock" and "Jenna Bush Army." The former is the ultimate nerd love lament. The singer upbraids his would-be girl because no guy is good enough for her except for Mr. Spock. Yeah, that Mr. Spock, the pointy ears Vulcan from STAR TREK. The second verse is as surreal and strange as any in rock. The singer explains that Capt. Kirk descended to a planet's surface to fight the Man Lizard (a reference to an episode where Kirk engages in gladiator-like combat with a powerfully built reptilian humanoid, and defeats him when he reinvents gunpowder) and in defeating him saves all the lives of the Enterprise, at which point in the song the singer screams accusingly: "But that's just not good enough for you. Is it?" I play this song for friends, and they just shake their head in disbelief. By the way, when I say Nerf Herder was the last band to play in The Bronze on Buffy, this was the song they performed.

The other future classic is "Jenna Bush Army," which despite being about one of the president's two twin daughters is amazingly nonpolitical. Jenna, if one recalls, is the one who was arrested for underage drinking, and perhaps that misstep is why she because the subject for the song rather than her sister. Basically, the song is a nerd drooling over what he perceives to be a hot looking gal, and the closest the song gets to politics is his singing that being a hormonally challenged young male he will vote with his groin ("Sir I'm horny/And I vote"). It is a pretty hysterical song.

So, I suppose whether I recommend this album to someone depends on whether one is looking for an album that is great all the way through, or merely decent at its low points, better at others, and phenomenal only a couple of times. Personally, I wouldn't want to do without an album with two songs as good as "Mr. Spock" or "Jenna Bush Army," but other might. Definitely a fun party album.
Song "Come Back Down"

Saturday night you're high on crank
Eatin' club sandwiches at Ben Frank's
Hollywood babe-it's just not my trip
Buyin' your groceries at the Pink Dot
Tryin' be somebody that you're not
Cheerios cost a lot on the sunset strip

Baby come back down to me
Baby come back down to me
Baby, Come back to Pasadena
Come back down to me

You party in the clubs on your GHB
Baby nobody ever got herpes from me
I see it on the news all the time
it makes me want to cry
while I'm sittin' home with I love Lucy
You were out on the town with Danny Bonaduchi
hey Ricki, aye aye aye aye

Baby come back down to me
Baby come back down to me
Baby come back to Pasadena
Come back down to me

You spend your time at the Viper Room
But what's so wrong with my living room
Celebrities-they come and they go
One day you're Carry Grant
And the next you're Scott Baio

Aspiring actress and a social ladder climber
saw you at Denny's with Rodney Binganheimer
Congratulations-looks like your pick of the day

Baby come back down to me
Baby come back down to me
Baby, come back to Pasadena
Come back down to me



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