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Midnight Oil
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Midnight Oil, legendary Aussie rock band. News, photos, tour dates and information.
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Amazon offers Diesel and Dust (Audio CD),25 October, 1990
rock music |  Midnight Oil  | rock n roll List price $11.98
Disc Jockey Review W807 Radio AM Bridgeport/Chicago / 3
The Album has one five star song "burning beds" and is worth the price two other songs would rate a four, I do not remember titles, But diersel in the dust is different than many bands , but has the qualities that helped other bands like Tears for fears has or even a little like the DuranDuran, but more classic horn & bass to it.Three and a half stars.
I guess to rate higher another song like the first cut was needed to make the album a bit better. True five star albums would be as example: Pink Floyd The wall,or Taking Back Sunday Where you want to be, or going for sountracks?,: Lost Highway is a top mix with all types of music, incl 9inch nails.

Song "Basement Flat"

Must be time for a second chance
I can't escape this basement flat
Writers cramp and claustrophobia

Must be time for a better place
My sink leaks and the rats have won the race
Over and over

What, can i do
There must be some solution

Must be time for a new idea
Pack up my things and get away from here
They're never gonna trace me
People upstairs make so much noise
Drive me mad with their electrical toys
Louder and louder

(rotsey/garrett/moginie) At a Glance: Midnight Oil
20000 Watts RSL: Greatest Hits ~ Midnight Oil Average Customer Review:: Release Date: November 4, 1997. List Price:, $11.98. Price:, $7.97 ...
Moxy Fruvous - Fruhead.Com: - Review of "Midnight Oil"
Reviews:. Taylor nelsoN rates this 7 / 10. Still the leading edge of politico-rock! 20+ years and almost as many CDs later, Midnight Oil continues to be ...
Escape from the Law of value? Reply to Aufheben review of Midnight ...
We did not hesitate to review Midnight Oil because we have had a ... Yet, as we noted in our review, Midnight Oil ignores the whole question of rent in ...
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Feb. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Australian Peter Garrett got famous for tunes such as ``Beds Are Burning'' as lead singer of rock band Midnight Oil. Even Prime Minister John Howard once counted himself among the song's biggest fans.
Four Australia States Hand Water Control to Howard's Government (
Feb. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Four of five Australian states have handed Prime Minister John Howard control over the nation's biggest river system and talks will continue with Victoria, paving the way for Howard's A$10 billion ($7.9 billion) plan to improve water usage in the world's driest inhabited continent.
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What do black coffee, jalapeno peppers, science fiction writing and cattle have in common? Forty-four year old Justin Stanchfield from Wise River can tell you they all play a part in his life as a rancher in the Big Hole.
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Australia Proposes A$10 Billion Water Shortage Plan (Update2) (
Jan. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Australia's Prime Minister John Howard announced a A$10 billion ($7.8 billion) plan to improve the efficiency of water usage and take control of the biggest river system in the world's driest inhabited continent.
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Thrice's Dustin Kensrue eases up on the screamo for an intimate folk album, and Black Lips leave black eyes in Tijuana.

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