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With the latest Madness news, year-by-year band history, lyrics and regular Nutty competitions.
NOW! that's what I call Madness 2000
Madness, Suggs, Crunch and Velvetghost site. Featuring downloads, news, polls, MP3s, lyrics, pictures, discographies and an online radio station.
Fan site featuring band history, dscography and videography, favorite song poll, and related links.
The Official site of the Velvet Ghost, the new band of Madness man Cathal'Chas Smash'Smyth.
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Los Palmas 6
Madness tribute band from the UK. Includes sound files, biography, and photos.
The Official site of Madness man Chas Smash. Regularly updated, co run and designed by the man himself.
Not The Madness Mailing List
Pictures, sounds, and videos from the 7 Camden Cowboys.
One Step Behind
U.K. Madness tribute band. Features tour dates, testimonial quotes, photos, and band history.
The Magnificent 7
Information on the North London Ska band Madness. Photos, stories and information on their records, concerts, and history.
Complete and Utter Madness
An interactive guide to the band Madness. Requires Internet Explorer and free membership to view much of the content. With items for sale, news and discography.
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Song "When Dawn Arrives"
He hums tonight through his streets,
My unlatched window the tune repeats,
The kerb-crawling car winds down to a stop.
A few seconds mumble then whisks him off.

Sick and tired of abuse,
Controlled signs of hysteria,
But like when dawn arrives,
He remembers his leisure.

He runs tonight through his block,
A crack in the curtain is unlocked.
No meeting with a mother or greeting a friend
A sharp-looking boot-jack with some time to spend.

Sick and tired of abuse,
Controlled signs of hysteria,
But like when dawn arrives,
He remembers his leisure.

He cries tonight
Through his manner
I can see his conscience
Get the better
From a door-way stepped in
Shadowed leather
Exchanging handshakes for money
And pleasure.

He crawls tonight through his scum,
From my dirty window his body's numb.
Beneath the street-lamp tilts shoulders bent,
Then meets his pick-up who pays his rent.

Sick and tired of abuse,
Controlled signs of hysteria,
But like when dawn arrives,
He remembers his leisure.
His pleasure

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Ms. Lemper played the vamp prowling under a full moon, driven to the brink of madness, yet in complete control in her Euro-American program at the Allen Room on Wednesday.
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Jamestown stumbles in overtime (The Virginia Gazette)
JAMES CITY With a packed gymnasium of raucous fans, a fluffy bulldog mascot running around the court and the pounding drums from a high school band resonating in the background, the Brunswick High boys basketball team stormed the floor like a seasoned college basketball team ready for March Madness.
For the record (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
There was a band that came through town this week ironically named Cute Is What We Aim For.
Holding court, S. Fla. hosts a fleeting walk of fame (or shame) (The Palm Bea...
Something's wrong. Where's Vergie? Vergie should be here by now.
Kane County (Northwest Herald)
ELGIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE, 1700 Spartan Drive, (847) 214-7668. Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. Free admission.
Around Town: Friday, February 23, 2007 (RedNova)
By Tri-City Herald, Kennewick, Wash. Feb. 22--Mid-Columbia happenings for the week of Friday, February 23, 2007 Friday, February 23 Films , a Battelle Film Club feature, 8 p.m., Battelle Auditorium, Richland. Admission: $3 or $13 for season pass.
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THE BRONX AND VULCANS Feb. 13 at the Double Down (Las Vegas CityLife)
You got picked up with the same force they knocked you down with. More like tossed up into the air. Getting back into a true standing position was really your own problem.

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