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NY Rock: Entainment De Luxx
Louise Bashi's 1999 interview with Katrina Chester. Includes pictures and links.
WorldNet Artist: Luxx
A brief page with photos, a video clip, and three audio clips in Windows Media format.
GetMusic: Luxx
Includes band biography, album information, RealAudio song clips, and a photo gallery.
Eric's Boston Rock Photos: Luxx
Two thumbnailed sets of live photos from concerts in January and April of 1999.
Sonicnet: Luxx
Includes band biography, album information, audio clips from the first album, and links.
Street Team Page 2000
A Luxx fan site with a thumbnailed photo album, audio and video clips, and band quotes. Luxx
Includes biography, album information, audio clips, pictures, links, and a message board.
Majestic Luxx
A fan site with band member profiles, detailed biographies, pictures, fan art, news, and links.
Luxx Kicks Ass
A fan site with pictures, lyrics, band member information, audio clips, fan fiction, and links.
Luxx Picture Page
A fan site with five pages of live and backstage photos. Includes thumbnails and links.
Official Luxx Web Site
Includes audio and video clips, pictures, discography, tour information, downloads, and links.
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Song "Genius"

if dysfunction is our function (and if we learn by our mistakes) then I must
be some kind of genius, 'cause with me it's a religion 50,000 strong.

Travel review of LUXX, Bangkok on (0 hotel ...
Bangkok hotels: Travel reviews of LUXX, Bangkok, Thailand. 0 reviews.
Quiet Riot and LUXX Concert Review by The Pure Rock Shop
The Pure Rock Shop are Heavy Metal & power metal specialists selling gently used CDs, records, cassettes, & videos. has reviews ...
Luxx by Luxx on Yahoo! Music
Reviews of "Luxx": 07/13/2005, AMG Luxx comes across as a heavy fusion of alternative metal and ska-punk on their eponymous debut album. ... Profile For Robbie Laliberte: Reviews
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:. Luxx Delivers Again...., November 29, 1999 New York City's Luxx entitled their sophomore effort ...
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ADDING MULTIMEDIA: SES: 2006 Another Excellent Year (Business Wire via Yahoo!...
BETZDORF, Luxembourg----SES :
SES: 2006 Another Excellent Year (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)
BETZDORF, Luxembourg----SES :
Queens of England (The Village Voice)
Why the British love the Scissor Sisters more than we do

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