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Love 45
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Amazon offers Love.45 (Audio CD),09 November, 2004
rock music |  Love 45  | rock n roll List price $14.98
Incredible group of guys... / 5
I recently acquired this CD from Paul (supporting vocalist for the group). I work with him and he is an awesome guy! This is one of the few bands that are still dedicated to their music and fans. It's not about the money or celebrity status (although I'm sure that they wouldn't mind some of that); it's purely about their passion for the music. One review said that they would be better opening for 3 Doors Down, which they have done. Grab this CD..... you will not be disappointed!

Bob_E_Digital Love.45: Music
Love.45, Love.45. ... Spotlight Reviews (What's this?) Write an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. ...
Love 45 (2004) CD
Love 45 (2004) music reviews, songs, official album cover art, track listings, sound samples, theme, tour info and so much more. Buy online now at the best ...
Love 45 by Love 45 on Yahoo! Music
Love 45 Reviews ... Reviews of "Love 45": 07/13/2005, AMG Bursting at the seams with one power pop chord after another, Love.45 would be an excellent fit ...
HYBRIDMAGAZINE.COM | REVIEWS | Love .45 - Love 45 album review
Album Review by: bishop. ... Love .45 Love .45 Rock Ridge Music ... Love .45, good band, bad name. -bishop. Track listing: 1) Way Down ...
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