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Amazon offers Comalies (Audio CD),29 October, 2002
rock music |  Lacuna Coil  | rock n roll List price $16.98
the goth band everyone says they like just so they look hardcore / 2
Lacuna Coil is either compared to Nightwish or Evanescence. Nightwish is opera metal, while LC I can barely even call them opera metal without cringing. Cristina just doesn't have the range to be in the same catagory as "opera". And for Evanescence...Evanescence has reached popularity and LC fans are pissed off, simple conclusion. EV, NW, and LC have different sounds. Nightwish is epic with amazing score and vocals. Evanescence has a melacholic rock/pop sound with good sound effects and composition. LC is between the two lacking the vocals and decent music arrangements.

For awhile LC has had a KoRn-esque sound. This album really embraces it too much. LC really fails to adapt their own style. The only thing I can take from their band is the vocalist who has a distinctive voice mixed with her accent.

As for the lyrics, they are boring. The music arrangements mixed with it is even more unbearable. Andrea has no real range as a metal back-up. I could probably tolerate a male vocal only in symphonic death metal and that is really it. Nightwish, Theatre of Tragedy, and Tristania are really the only bands I can stand with male vocalists.

"Heaven's a Lie" is a ridiculous song that is too generic. While many complain about Evanescence being a rip-off and too generic, LC has succumbed to this after so many albums. EV has only had one official album release so I can forgive them on their part. LC has already made a following. EV isn't considered metal and LC has gone one step from metal into mainstream.

"Aeon" is an example of where LC always fails. This song is just boring. LC has this tendency to use instruments that they seem to believe that will make them sound unique and the lyrics and score is just dragging. There is no real highlights in the song. Another example is the "ghost woman and hunter".

The bad thing about LC would be their male vocalist and most of the musicians. Cristina is a decent vocalist and would do better solo. The band doesn't seem to mature but rather become worse by every album. Since her voice is worth listening to I am giving just 2 stars. She doesn't have a lot of range, but her voice is something ethereal or other. If she had more range it would be worth buying this album...

Bands like these that are preferable... Nightwish, Theatre of Tragedy (Liv era), Tristania, Epica, and Leaves Eyes.

Song "The Prophet Said"
Light of my sun
Light in this temple

Light in my truth
Lies in the darkness

Teasing pureness
of your lies
soreness of a
delightful mission
Burning up
inside your mind
you belong
to my possessions

Can't you see that
I'm here inside you?

Light - Massive pain
Glide - Passive tension

Light - Show me how to
slide in this pleasure

Teasing pureness
of your eyes
Crawling into empty spaces
You could lie and lie again
you belong to my possession

Can't you see that
I'm here inside you?

This is my harmony
I'm in your heart again
This is the place to live
where I'm alone again

This is my hamony - I'm here
I lay again - This is the prayer to give
I'm all alone again

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