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Amazon offers See You on the Other Side (Audio CD),06 December, 2005
rock music |  Korn  | rock n roll List price $18.98
. . . this is my review / 5
I guess when I first got this cd, I was not very impressed. It is just hard to get into. I am really used to all their old music, and this new album is much different. Before I thought it was different in a bad way, but then I saw them live. Their new show was amazing. It reminded me of Slipknot, because there were a lot of people on stage wearing masks. Behind the band was some kind of stage with four guys on it wearing animal masks. There was a guitarist, a keyboardist, percussionist, and some other guy. Anyway, the show was incredible, and not even having seat tickets could keep me from the pits. Me and my friend helped start a mosh pit up in the seats. They played so many songs during the show, a lot of them I have never heard live from them before, like Dirty. There was also a long guitar solo by Munky, a damn good one. After that show, I found new respect for the new album. I just know now that with or without Head, nothing can keep KoRn from kicking ass. Now for the actual review of the cd . . .

1.Twisted Transistor (8/10) - The big hit off this album. Its not bad, I really like the guitar work on this track. I am just kind of tired of hearing it by now.

2.Politics (8/10) - Obviously, a political song. Its good, not much more to say about it.

3.Hypocrites (9/10) - Heaviest track on the album. I love the lyrics, me being so anti-religious and all. I especially like the line he repeats over and over in the begining.

4.Souvenir (8/10) - The riff in the begining is really cool. It is kind of a strange song, but I like it.

5.10 or a 2-way (10 or a 2/10) - Sorry for the crappy joke. I just dont like this song very much. My least favorite on the cd.

6.Throw Me Away (9/10) - My favorite kind of song is a slow and creepy song. This pretty much fits the mold, but not one of my favorites.

7.Love Song (10/10) - This has got to be my favorite track on the whole disc. It reminds me of my favorite KoRn song, Helmet In The Bush, from their first album. Its slow and creepy as hell. The music gives a kind of dark feeling that fits the lyrics perfectly. I dont know, maybe I'm just crazy like that, but I love this damn song. The best part is when the music stops and all you can hear is Jon's voice.

8.Open Up (10/10) - I think this song would sound good, no matter what band played it. Its just that KoRn thought of it first, and they do it best. Very catchy song, it must be hard to just not like it.

9.Coming Undone (9/10) - Another hit, kind of. A cool song to sing along with. The lyrics are excellent, the music is catchy, an all-around bitchin' song.

10.Getting Off (8/10) - First there was ADIDAS, then there was Beat It Up Right, now there is Getting Off. the lyrics are very horny, but it is a good song too.

11.Liar (10/10) - How could anyone not like this song? It just plain kicks ass. The words are the best part. Its the first song I have ever heard on the subject. Its fast and heavy, and the only song on the cd with Jon's signature giberish. This is old-school KoRn all the way.

12. For No One (7/10) - Its not that bad, its pretty cool. Just very forgetable.

13.Seen It All (9/10) - Be patient with this one, it just gets better as it goes along. A good way to finish off the disc, and prepares you for the last song.

14.Tearjerker (10/10) - Everyone knows KoRn likes to go out on soft note. Daddy, Kill You, My Gift To You, Dirty, No One's There, and When Will This end. They all have more singing than screaming, they are all pretty slow, they are all kind of depressing, and the first three all have real crying. This song, I didnt like much at first, but I do like it now. Its the slowest song on the disc, and it displays Jon's higher pitched singing style.

KoRn is my favorite band. They are the first band I ever liked, their fourth disc was the first cd I ever bought, if it wasnt for them I probobly would have never got into metal. This has nothing to do with the review, I just felt like saying that. So, buy the cd, and see them live if you want to really appreciate it.

Song "It’s Gonna Go Away"
Fu.., fu.. fu.., I got this bad cold
And I got a life, I live it up
I live it up

(It's gonna go away)

I don't want this to go away
I'm so scared
(oh so cared)
I can't think of going on
We all crumble
We crumble under pressure

(It's still gonna go away)

.... go live it up
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