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Amazon offers The Riddle (Audio CD),30 June, 1998
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For those of you looking for the song "Wouldn't It Be Good", it can be found on the CD "Human Racing", NOT on this one. Nevertheless, this is still a very good album, with a couple of highlights being "The Riddle" and "Don Quixote". Having seen Nik Kershaw 'live', I was quite surpised by the draw he had on young, screaming, teens, especially in light of the fact that his songs are more complex in arrangement and in performance than one might first suspect. Very original and some of the better 80's music produced.
Song "God bless"
God bless this happy home
God bless the hugs and kisses
Keep us all safe and warm
Keep us in ignorant bliss

Heaven help old Joseph Bloggs in his
cardboard box
Reaching out his hand for a piece of me
Heaven give his dog a bone, leave my
conscience well alone
Then make them jump about as
happy as can be

And the Devil take the rest of them,
the Devil take the rest of them

God bless the beautiful
God bless the loved and lauded
Save them from what they do
Save those who can afford it
God bless the stock exchange
God bless the corporations
Give us our daily bread
Forgive us poor relations

Heaven help the little man,
getting by the best he can
Say's that it's no life but it's a living
Heaven help the down at heel,
I wonder how they feel
Does anybody know,
I simply can't imagine

And the Devil take the rest of them,
the Devil take the rest of them

God bless our football team
God bless my red Diablo
Praise be this coffee machine
Amen to all I know

Heaven help the human race,
put a smile upon it's face
With it's sad and sorry eyes
upon my television
Heaven help with all it's might so I can
sleep at night
So I can enjoy what I've been given

And the Devil take the rest of them,
the Devil take the rest of them
The devil take my soul from me,
the devil take my soul

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