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Amazon offers Remix City, Volume One (Audio CD),15 November, 2005
rock music |  R. Kelly  | rock n roll List price $18.98
Cool versions ;-) / 5
I love R Kelly and all of his music, and now to get some remixes from him is fantastic because while not all artists make good remixes; he has done a great job. The songs on here are all great songs to start with, but now most are enhanced really well. I especially love Your Body's Calling, I Can't Sleep Baby, Down Low and Step In The Name Of Love. They are the best cuts here but for all R Kelly fans, you won't be too disappointed. He's such a talented artist, and this is a fantastic addition to your R Kelly collection.
Song "The Best Of Both Worlds (w. Jay-z)"
[J] Yeah, yeah, it's here niggaz! (wooo-WEEE!)
[J] Rockland/Roc-A-Fella collaboration
[R] What, what, what, what..
[J] Tone the Referee - the best of both worlds
[R] Welcome to the best of both worlds
[J] R. Kelly
[R] Chi-Town
[J] Let's just start frontin on 'em right away (c'mon Jay)

I pull up with the big boy truck, nigga big boy drop
We be the only big boys that the big boys watch
Sing to 'em Kelly

[R] Best of.. both worlds.. (rock for 'em Hov')

The combination of Pappy Mason and Larry Davis
Martin and Malcolm, this is the bigger than the album

[R] Oh yeah
[R] The best of (best of both) both worlds - ohhhhHHH!

I got a million on that boy singin whatever on the flow
Y'all got cheddar to blow, whatever, let a nigga know

[R] The best of..
[J] Back and forth, back and forth, let's do it
[R] .. both worlds (rock for 'em Hov')

It's not even close, just leave it alone
I'm Michael Jordan, I play for the team I own
Sing to 'em Kel'

[R] The best of.. both worlds - ohhhhHHH!

Young.. H - flow feared in fifty states
Young.. Kel's - nigga the best of both worlds

[R] The best of..
[J] Just get gangsta with a nigga
[R] .. both worlds
[J] Just get gangsta with it (rock for 'em Hov')

You can't possibly think you can stop this
It's prophecy; plus I feel like the nigga Big watchin me

[R] Best of.. both worlds
[J] Stop playin with these niggaz, talk to 'em!

[R. Kelly]
This is for my niggaz down bottom and them hustlers on twenty-two's
Single parent mothers in the hood is who I'm talkin to
I know it's rough in the ghetto but let me walk witchu
Talk witchu, uh-huh, yeah-hea
And for the ones who put you down and said you wouldn't make it
But you still held your ground and came up out that basement
In the memory of those that we lost, it's deicated
We miss y'all, uh-huh, yeah-hea

[Jay-Z + (R. Kelly)]
This right here this whole album's..
in the memory of all our fallen soldiers (uh-huh)
we lost along the way (ohhhhhoooh) knahmsayin, ghetto to ghetto
City to city, worldwide, we got y'all, y'knahmean?
(Ghetto America) This album right here represents strength
(Ohhhh! Yeahhh) Strength in our people, understand it

Cock-suckers can not touch us, the block love us
We got the ghetto on our back muh'fuckers

[R] The best of..
[J] Yeah, right
[R] both worlds (rock for 'em Hov')

We got this locked for two reasons: we from the hood
plus we promised both our mommas that we would
Kel - take 'em to church

[R] The best of.. both worlds - ohhhhHHH!

We mastered this, don't you know
I eat beef and breathe acid, weak bastards
We copped and we crash it
Then we cop again cause we are classic
Let me speak for ya R we "Scarface" re-enacted
"The Godfather" trilogy re-casted
But it's real like we grievin for Aaliyah with the masses
But I hope my boy Dash get to see it when he passes
I feel her soul when the Lee passes
When the wind blows, it's almost like I see her in the Hamptons
Even more reason to be up in them mansions
Laid back, feet up in the hammock, I'ma live for ya
Big too, 'til they put me in the grave
I'ma floss 'til they toss me a Bed-Stuy parade
'Til Chi-Town make a nigga Mayor for a day
In the memory of Joanne Kelly, let us pray

[R] Both worlds... welcome to the best of both worlds

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