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KISS Unmasked Audio/Video
Information on audio/video trading.
Dear Victims
A Finnish KISS tribute band; features sound files and pictures.
Music From The Elder
Features a mythical story of The Elder. Includes pictures and MIDI files.
KISS n Tell
Nationally touring KISS tribute band from the USA with authentic costumes, makeup, and pyrotechnics. Features pictures, tour dates and links.
Amazon offers MTV Unplugged (Audio CD),12 March, 1996
rock music |  KISS  | rock n roll List price $17.98
I Should Have Been There / 5
This DVD has a CD to it that not every KISS fan, but every rock fan should listen to at least once. I really never expected the acoustic KISS to be good but it really is. It is much more calm, and much more mature sounding. They didn't play any of the hard core songs like Strutter, but the songs they did play went great with the acoustic sound. Another thing I was surprised about was that Ace showed up! I was worried that he would have skipped out on this because of past relations with the band. The concert went great. The fans were cheering by the time it got to Rock N Roll All Nite, which also was a good acoustic version. So if you are interested, or already listening to KISS, you should definitely get this DVD or CD.

Song "Little Caesar"
Little Caesar Lyrics:Ten million stories in the city, ten million backs against the wall
Desperation’s out tonight, you can cut it with a knife
Everybody wants to have it all
Well they tell you that the world is rough
But they never rocked it hard enough
Hey little caesar, nobody messing with you
Hey little caesar, go show ’em what you can do

Nobody said that it was pretty, you haven’t got a penny or a prayer
You know it’s gonna be a fight, if you wanna see your name in lights
Ain’t nobody gives a damn out there
Well you got your guts, you got your pride
But you’ll never let them see inside


Well you don’t believe in the books and rules
’cause you just believe in what you know is cool
Well they tell you that the world is rough
But they never rocked it hard enough - I can’t hear you

They just don’t understand, you gotta fight to be a man


Hey little caesar, oh yeah, that’s what it is
Hey little caesar, yeah

BBC - Movies - review - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer swap jokes and shoot bullets in this smart, hilarious noir actioner.
Review: French Kiss
French Kiss. A Film Review by James Berardinelli ... That description fits her latest on-screen personae, French Kiss' Kate. But the problem is that having ...
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
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Band honors hometown roots, celebrates CD release (Salisbury Post)
The words "Salisbury's Fisher Street" brings to mind restaurants, the mural, the historic district. Now it's a different destination, a place for super sounds and memorable music ? but it's a band, not a boulevard.
Head-to-metalhead (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)
He's the music critic who thinks Kiss is the greatest band of all time. He's the fiction writer who reviewed the forever-delayed Guns N' Roses album for April Fool's Day last year. And he's the interviewer who, in his new anthology, got inside the mind of Britney Spears. Surprise: He didn't find much there. Chuck Klosterman is one of a kind. But he's our kind, a Midwestern writer with an ...
Musicians are an odd sort. It's been my experience that the average musician thinks differently, acts differently, wears their hair differently and sometimes even walks differently than most of us regular folk. Because of this, there's an unspoken bond between the local bands in South Mississippi. Except, perhaps, for this one.
The Glasspack drops 'Dirty Women' (Louisville Courier-Journal)
No band rocks harder or with more unwavering conviction than The Glasspack. If leader "Dirty" Dave Johnson were a supervillain, he'd use his guitar as an instrument of sonic destruction, making people's heads explode from 30 paces with his monster, stoner riffs. The Glasspack's new album, "Dirty Women," will be released Tuesday on Small Stone Records. The band is celebrating with a show Sunday at ...
Grizzly Bear roams a wide territory (
The Brooklyn-based band showcases shimmering melodies from its second album, "Yellow House." It's rare anymore for a band to do anything truly surprising, given how many bands there have been since the dawn of the modern pop era.
Three highlights from Split Lip Rayfield's KPTS special (The Wichita Eagle)
Even if you're not the PBS type, you might want to set your recorder to KPTS, Channel 8, at 9 p.m. Saturday. The station is airing an hour-long special on Wichita's beloved punk-bluegrass band Split Lip Rayfield.
Franklin Fair line-up includes Terri Clark, Marshall Tucker Band (The Globe G...
HAMPTON ? The Franklin County Fair Board has announced the grandstand entertainment lineup for the 2007 fair, Wednesday, July 18 through Sunday, July 22 ? and for the first time the fair will include three nights of music.
Warhol exhibit shows move to pop art (AP via Yahoo! News)
Before he began transforming mundane cans of Campbell's soup into icons of Pop art and hanging around with the likes of Lou Reed, Edie Sedgwick and anyone else seeking 15 minutes of fame, Andy Warhol had a thing for shoes.
Starr power (New York Daily News)
Lots of female singer-songwriters mourn the loss of the estrogen-friendly Lilith Fair of the '90s.
Self-promotion just one of Foxx's many talents (Seattle Times)
Remember Wanda? She was the breakthrough character Jamie Foxx created in the early '90s on "In Living Color," the TV series that made him...

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