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Amazon offers X (Audio CD),05 December, 2000
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"X" Does Not Hit The Spot / 1
I think the album "X" should stand for the unknown, as in, what unknown force could have caused some of the top producers in this here game to pump out D-Grade material for the Hailey Bros?

After using mostly unknown producers on their first two albums, the brothers finally decide to flex their muscles with the some of the best producers, like Timbaland, Teddy Riley, Babyface, and DeVante Swing. Even the late 2pac's (R.I.P) vocals are reunited with the Haileys on this album. However, what could have been the musically defining album in the Hailey Bros discography is instead a medicore afterthought as all the songs came off as regrettably unforgettable. Considering what could have been, it's a shame that this album turned out to be very uninspiring.

The only tracks that stopped the heart for a few precious moments is the Jodeci hidden track "Slip N Fall" and the bonus track "I Just Can't Leave" found on the Japanese CD. "Slip N Fall" simply oozes wicked attitude as listening to it conjures up memories of days long gone when you could say Jodeci and get a reply like, "Those thugs can sure sing the panties off those song!". "I Just Can't Leave" starts off with a fan inquiring about K-Ci past relationships (i.e Mary J. Blige), to which good ole' K-Ci takes the high ground and tells them to leave it alone "cause she done all told you one time". After that humorous intro, K-Ci does his best "I B Goin' Solo Won't U Come and See Me" impression and belts out one nutty song that has him singing to his a) stalker on why he can't leave his girl then b) declaring his love forever, to his lady and finally c) sanging to the both of them at the same time. A nice little ditty from K-Ci that leaves you wanting more. Heck, after listening to both bonus tracks one is left wondering why they even bothered with the album "X" when a new Jodeci album or a K-Ci solo album sounds more appealing.

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