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Song lyrics from five releases, courtesy of
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Indentify the introductions from 10 randomly chosen Joy Divion tracks. Requires RealPlayer. Joy Division - Heart and Soul
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Amazon offers Unknown Pleasures (Audio CD),25 October, 1990
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Song "A Means to an End"
A legacy so far removed
One day will be improved
Eternal rights we left behind
We were the better kind
Two the same - set free too
I always looked to you --

This is the first verse on the Bains Douches live album:
A legacy so far removed
One day will be improved
Secret trials - the judges warn
Check like we've never borne
Win the right to set free
What you will be reprieved
I put my trust in you --

We fought for good - stood side by side
Our friendship never died
On stranger waves - the lows and highs
Our vision touched the skies
Immortalists with points to prove
[or in the Bains Douches live version:
Captive souls - depleted soon]
[and in the Still live version:
Immortalists depart too soon]
I put my trust in you --

A house somewhere on foreign soil
Where ageing lovers call
Is this your goal - your final needs?
[or in the Bains Douches live version:
Is this your goal - your final round?]
[and in the Still live version:
It's come to this - your final goal]
Where dogs and vultures eat
Committed still, I turn to go
I put my trust in you --

In you, in you, in you
Put my trust in you, in you

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