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A Jefferson Starship/Airplane Site
History of the band, discography, biographies of past and present members, lyrics, gallery and lots of links. Vote your favourite JA/JS-song on the Top-10 list.
Journal of Trionic Physics
Internet resource for fans of Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, and their historical permutations. Includes reviews, interviews, photographs, concert archive, resources, and a link to the discussion forum.
Jefferson Airplane Discography
A detailed discography of U.S. releases.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Jefferson Airplane
Inductee profile and timeline.
Ice And Fire: Grace Slick
Includes detailed information, pictures, articles and links. Jefferson Airplane
Includes a biography, discography/album reviews, message boards, and trivia.
Fly Jefferson Airplane
Jefferson Airplane Page
A New Continent of Earth and Fire
A comprehensive Jefferson Airplane/Starship site with lyrics, biographies, images, and interviews. Also information on the life and career of China Kantner.
Amazon offers Crown of Creation (Audio CD),19 August, 2003
rock music |  Jefferson Starship  | rock n roll List price $11.98
Thank God for Digital Re-Mastering / 5
I was lucky enough to see the Jefferson Airplane at the Filmore East several times (I'm 56) during their heyday. Since I'm an accomplished drummer, I was eager to see/listen to what I thought was one of the best rhythm sections I had ever listened to in populer music. I was never let down. For, even to this day, Jack Casady remains one of the finest electric bass players that ever lived. Period. Just listen to his bass lines on "After Bathing at Baxter's" many inspired tracks. He was doing things with feedback, harmonics and counterpoint that were way ahead of the time. Why do you think Jimi Hendrix wanted him as his bassist? Now listen to "Crown of Creation". Jack's bass lines in "Lather" are magnificent! His tone is so subtle. For me, the absolute essence of the electric bass sound (and remember, this is BEFORE Jaco) is his playing on "Triad". His execution and fingering are perfect. His timing is sooooo in the pocket, and his overall "sound" is distinctive and unusual. But, always clean. Jack Casady spoiled me because as a drummer, I always wanted to gig with bass players that were that fluid and tonal. So, buy this CD and listen to some of the best rock music (60's or otherwise) that you'll ever hear.
Song "Free"

Her mamma don't like it
There's not a lot that she can do
Her daddy don't like it
She's stayin' out till after two

She likes to go her own way
Wild, reckless and bold
You can't hold her down boy
With diamond ring or fools gold

She's free so free
Free free free runnin' like a wild child
Free free free you kinda gotta like her style

Free free free don't she make you wanna smile

She likes ti feel the night time
That is when she gets her kicks
Anytime's the right time
Cause just can't get enough of it

Repeat chorus

She'll get your temperature risin'
Like no othre girl you've known
She's full of surprises
Livin' in he danger zone

Repeat chorus DVD Review: Fly Jefferson Airplane
Video: DVD Review: Fly Jefferson Airplane - I've never really known much about Jefferson Airplane. Of course I had heard "Somebody to Love", but in my mind. Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [EXTRA TRACKS] [ORIGINAL ...
Jefferson Airplane Takes Off, Jefferson Airplane. ... Spotlight Reviews (What's this?) Write an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. ...
Barnes & - Jefferson Airplane: Fly Jefferson Airplane - DVD
REVIEWS All Movie Guide. Jefferson Airplane made a name for themselves as one of the very best psychedelic bands of the hippie scene in the late' 60s. ... A Glance: Jefferson Airplane
Surrealistic Pillow [Original recording remastered] ~ Jefferson Airplane Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars Release Date: August 19, 2003 ...
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