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Amazon offers Rainbow (Audio CD),18 December, 2002
rock music |  Ayumi Hamasaki  | rock n roll List price $47.49
Just like a rainbow / 5
This CD is beautiful
1. Rainbow-Nothing really here N/A
2. Everlasting Dream-Calm nicegoing melody, but way too short 8/10
3. We Wish-Pretty energetic with a nice pop style to it 9/10
4. Real Me-At first it sounded like a Destiny's Child song, But the hook was the defining moment of this song. I always hear mysalef saying "In order to survive" 10/10
5. Free And Easy-This is a definite rememinice of M. It starts off slow, has a goos hook and switches off to a more energetic style. And Ayu's voice goes with the whole song 10/10 Favorite track
6. Heartplace-This song is a decent slow song, and it has a nice hook, altho, I expected a bit more energy from a rock style ballad. 8/10
7. Over-A sad ballad. I love the calmness of this song mixed with pure emotion. Very beautiful 10/10
8. Hanabi-I love the beautif piano style used in this wonderful ballad, and Ayu's voice was beautiful from begining to end 10/10
9. Taskinillusion-Interlude N/A
10. Everywhere Nowhere-Ayu speaks a lot of english in this CD, unlike her others. Anywho, after the english intro the song is a very high spirited energy paulser, and it's very catchy. 10/10
11. July 1st-I bought this CD a while ago and got it yesterday, close to date of the song, but no. Anywho this reminds me of greatful days, cept this is more energetic, and catchier. And it's got some cool record scratches in it. 10/10
12. Dolls-I love the mystic feel this song gives, and the smooth flowing hook, along with Ayu's calm voice. 10/10 2nd favorite track
13. Neverending Dream-Interlude N/A
14. Voyage-The song starts off in a sad way, but the hook was very livley, and it takes the track up a notch at the end, And Ayu's voice went smoothly along with the motions of this song. 10/10
15. Close To You-Out of all tracks, this is the one I'll most likely skip. It's way too slow, and I can't tell where the hook is. 5/10
16. Independent-The let's go clap get's it started, and then prelude sets it up for a fast paced, energetic anime flavored song. I definitly love the up temponess of the hook. 10/10 3rd favorite track.
+(Secret track)Sounds like flower garden Pt.2 It's ok. Not all that great or bad. 6/10

This is the 4th CD I got from Ayu(First 3 I am Memorial Address, My Story). And I have to say, it is so dang close to I am.(I had a very hard time picking my 3 favorite tracks off of this) This CD should be owned by every fan of Ayu, or J-pop. To me I'd say if you're starting with Ayu to pick up this or I am. This is dang near a near perfect follow up to I am.


Song "Heartplace"
Jiyuu wo motome KIZUtsuki
Tsumi okashitari mo shita
Osanaku bukiyou sugita
Ai subeki doushi-tachi yo

Toshi wo totta dake no kodomo mo
Otona to yobu beki na no kana
Mada umaku wa ikirenaide iru yo

We're free to go anywhere we want
We're free to do anything we want
Ittai boku wa nani to itsu made tatakau n darou

Iki wo suru koto sae
Kyuukutsu na kono basho de

Tanoshii WAKE demo nai noni ne
Waraetari suru you ni natte
Boku wa kawatte shimatta no kana

* We're free to go anywhere we want
We're free to do anything we want
Kitto jiyuu to no tatakai wa tsuzuiteku n darou

* repeat

Surechigau hito no nukumori ni
Fui ni namida afuredashita yo
Moshikashitara kimi ya AITSU ya
Ano KO datta kamo shirenai

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