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Amazon offers Three Lock Box (Audio CD),25 October, 1990
rock music |  Sammy Hagar  | rock n roll List price $11.98
One Of Sammy Hagar's Best / 5
THREE LOCK BOX is good-time rock album that has some serious lyrics- "Remember The Heroes" is about Vietnam, and "I Wouldn't Change A Thing", describes life's experiences. The blend of Bob Seger/Ted Nugent Detroit rock, Skynyrd/Outlaws Southern rock, and Humble Pie/Foghat/Montrose heavy metal that was present on STANDING HAMPTON remains, but a bit of Journey-esque pop-rock creeps in on the hit single "Your Love Is Driving me Crazy." This and its predecessor, along with MARCHING TO MARS, RED VOODOO, TEN 13, and NOT 4 SALE, are Sammy Hagar's finest solo albums. The fact that Hagar currently advocates sanctions against Indonesia in retaliation for that country's recent trumped-up drug-smuggling conviction of a young Australian tourist makes this CD an essential purchase for both your ears AND your conscience.
Song "Hungry"
Girl, you got this need to know what I'm all about
You say there's something that you dig, but can't figure out.
Well, you want to know what moves my soul
And what ticks inside of my brain.
Well, I got this thing I just can't control
And it's driving me insane - I can't take it!
Because I'm hungry for that good thing, baby.
Hungry through and through.
I'm so hungry for that sweet life, babe
With a real fine girl like you.
I can almost taste it, sweet as wine.
In this custom-tailored world I'm gonna own someday
With a special place way up high we can stay alone, you and me.
Well, girl, I'm gonna have it all someday,
If you'll just hold on to my hand.
If I break some rules along the way I want you to understand
It's my way of gettin' what I want. Oh!
I won't waste it, baby, 'til you're finally mine.
I'll spend every minute, every hour, and every day 'til I get my fill
Now, girl I'll be rolling in any day,
You know I will.

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NASCAR drivers aren't the only guys with a need for speed. "There's always been a pretty strong connection between me and racing," said Sammy Hagar, in a phone interview this week.
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He's the music critic who thinks Kiss is the greatest band of all time. He's the fiction writer who reviewed the forever-delayed Guns N' Roses album for April Fool's Day last year. And he's the interviewer who, in his new anthology, got inside the mind of Britney Spears. Surprise: He didn't find much there. Chuck Klosterman is one of a kind. But he's our kind, a Midwestern writer with an ...
Van Halen Reunion - It's Not Happening (WPVI-TV Philadelphia)
Van Halen fans are probably saying "Somebody Get Me a Doctor." The legendary rock band's reunion tour - with original vocalist David Lee Roth - has been called off, according to Rolling Stone.
VAN HALEN (The Daily Targum)
Hard-rock band Van Halen is reuniting with lead singer David Lee Roth for their first tour since 1984. The legendary band confirmed rumors of its North American summer tour last week. Guitarist Eddie Van Halen is considered one of rock and roll's most influential and talented guitarists.
Van Halen's road plans have taken a rocky turn (Los Angeles Times)
For Van Halen, the stars seemed aligned for a triumphant 2007. Next month, the group will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the plan was to follow that with a summer reunion tour that would feature David Lee Roth back at the mike for the first time since the Reagan years.
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Who knew underneath the tangled mop of damaged, over-treated, blonde -- no, brunette -- hair on Britney Spears? head resided a cross between an alien and an overweight 15 year-old boy? Because that?s certainly what seemed to stumble out of that Los Angeles salon over the weekend when the former pop tart shot past Anna Nicole Smith as the top celebrity tragedy story of the day.
Van Halen Reunion Tour Might Not Happen After All (MTV Music Television)
The Van Halen reunion tour might not be happening after all. A source close to the band said the 40-city jaunt with David Lee Roth has been postponed indefinitely.
California Speedway front and center (Daily Bulletin)
FONTANA - Race fans start your engines ... and drive to California Speedway. This triple-header weekend is the West Coast premiere of NASCAR. Although the races start Friday, the festivities kick off today. Here's what's in store for the jam-packed weekend.
Oh, You Ate One Tour? (POLLSTAR)
For all the chatter of a Van Halen tour that included "Diamond" Dave, was anybody shocked when the train never left the station? The VH boys have always been a volatile bunch.
Fontana: News of Note, schedule (
For those drivers who had sub par Daytona 500 performances, Sunday's Auto Club 500 offers a necessary shot at redemption.

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