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World of Fugazi
Fan page with biography, discography, up to date news, message boards, and semi-official FAQs. Fugazi
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, links and message board.
Live At Irving Plaza
Site offers a downloadable music file for the live concert 4 May, 1995.
Fugazi at Utopia
News, discography, tourdates, show reports, concert photos, information on related bands, live sound, links and the Fugazi mailing list.
Fugazi Forum
The forum for Fugazi with easy navigating procedure.
The official site for Fugazi.
The Onion AV Club: Ian MacKaye
Interview with the man from Fugazi on the secrets of success outside the mainstream.
WWWhatsup Fugazi Pins
Fugazi pins for sale. Fugazi
Includes news, album reviews, audio downloads, biographies, discography, links, and bulletin board.
Amazon offers Instrument (Audio CD),04 May, 1999
rock music |  Fugazi  | rock n roll List price $10.98
Good, but missing one thing / 4
How they could leave out the live version of Sweet and Low that they played in the documentary is simply beyond me. That part of the film brings me to tears. Other than that, this is a great jam album, great driving music, great all around. I prefer introducing people to fugazi with some of their other albums, but this one is definately beautiful. Slo Crostic is one of my favorite Fugazi songs ever.
Song "OH"
Number one in acquisitions
Now there is no foreign soil
Go global like a round thing
Go global like a hole
To every money matchmaker
Splicing green as fast as you can
Let's break it down and start again
Memo to the partners
I'm changing all the locks
I'm pissing on your modems
I'm shredding all the stock
Choose a color for your ceiling
I'm waiting for the bottom to drop
In a room so brightly lit
I can't see in
You would never say
You were out of time
Coming with the fiction all the time
But there's a call coming on the other line
Your secret's out
Lapse of luxury
Lapping waste
Cruising towards a bruising crash
Thread held anvil's going to break
When the letter returns to the sender I can hardly wait
God this room's so brightly lit
I can't see shit
Thank you sir may I have another?
I wil be your eager driver
Your service provider
Your maitre d'
Thank you sir may I have another please

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Fugazi: The Argument (2001): Reviews
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Concert Review: Girls Against Boys, La Maroquinerie Paris, February 21, 2007 ...
I had a foggy recollection of this band live, since I had last seen them around 1997 (yeah, I know, dinosaurs, but so are they). They were vying for the coveted post of godfather of indie rock's hard side of the family, after Fugazi, the grunge bands, and perhaps Sonic Youth, had stepped down or, in the case of SY, to the side a bit. I wondered how we had aged apart. How would we, once ...
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Rotate your CD collection (Washington State University Daily Evergreen)
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Entertaiment calendar (San Jose Mercury News)
DANCE SOUTH BAY Ballet San Jose. ``Valentines Potpourri'': ``Le Style Classique'' (Dennis Nahat/Mozart). ``Ontogeny'' (Nahat/Karl Husa). ``September'' (Tsutomu Ben Iida/Louis ``Moondog'' Hardin). And ``Il Distratto'' (Lew Christensen/Haydn). 8 p.m. Feb. 15-17, 1:30 p.m. Feb. 18. San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, 255 Almaden Blvd. $25-$78. (408) 288-2800,
Premium avant-jazz from Chicago's Vandermark 5 (Pittsburgh City Paper)
"All the musicians I know are passionately interested in other art forms, and I've made it a habit to acknowledge people who've inspired my own creative work."... By Manny Theiner.
Voice of God (Seattle Weekly)
The rise, fall, and 'groovy church' resurrection of the Seahawks' P.A. announcer, Pastor Randy Rowland.

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