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Faith No More
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Amazon offers Platinum Collection (Audio CD),2005
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Why again? / 3
I am a huge Faith No More fan. But why do they insist on releasing yet another greatest/best of compilation? The majority of the material is the same stuff on previous ones. Throw us a bone and give us a few new tidbits... something, anything. If it ain't there, then don't peddle it. One last thing to anyone who might have a say on what goes on these greatest/best of ... 'The Real Thing' is the most overlooked song that never got the play. The 3 stars are not for the material, just for getting it again and again.
Song "Faster Disco"
Styling, you know you are styling
So turn to the mirror and blow yourself a kiss
It goes just like this
You've done it a thousand times
It's as easy as drinking wine, only now it's blood.

Here it come again
(treating you so kind)
Till it comes again
(leaving you no mind)

Your feelings, they flow without reason
So look to the stars above and
Blow it all away.
I come without warning
Some call me morning,
I wipe all your tears away, the evil ones I kill

Here it comes again
(treating you so kind)
Till it comes again
(leaving you no mind)
Taking the form of pain this time
It never treats you unkind
Your followers, lead them blind
And suck away their lives
Cause yours depends on it

Here it comes again

Chasing the night away

Faith No More MP3 Downloads - Faith No More Music Downloads ...
Faith No More MP3 Downloads - offers legal Faith No More music ... 8 reviews, your score. If you can see this, your browser does not support flash. ...
BOOKFORUM | Oct/Nov 2005
BOOKFORUM | WINTER 2000 | The Book Review for Art, Fiction & Culture. ... Of the works under review, only Michel Onfray's Traité d'athéologie presents ...
Faith No More reviews
Faith No More - albums. The Real Thing; King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime ... The music in Faith No More's latest isn't as weird as the Mr. Bungle ...
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