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Any sonic comparison to Green Day is unfounded / 5
This was the first album I ever owned, back in the early stages of Hell that is known as "adolescence." Like Green Day, this music helped me deal with a lot of crap, but in the MUSIC, there is a major difference. Eve 6 has a unique sound despite using power chords and palm-muting techniques, which seems to be a requirement for "pop-punk" bands to be signed these days. Part of it has to do with Max Collins' extremely thought-provoking lyrics. In an age where poetic lyricism has given way to meaningless vulgarity, this is a reason to deeply appreciate the band.

Six years later, I don't seem quite as taken with certain songs, such as "There's a Face" or "Saturday Night." Regardless, every song on this album is a minor work of art.

It's a shame this lyrical talent didn't carry over into their third album.

Song "Nocturnal"
Well she's lying in our bed sweating staring at the ceiling
I know her worried head is aching, I know the cause is me
I could leave the bathroom light on for better dreams tonight
My stability, my luxury, my life
And I won't go, neither will you turn off the phone, let's sleep 'til two

Your sad eyes take and own me
Words are unnecessary
Grip the back of your neck and slowly
Move 'til it all becomes alright

I wake up in a cold sweat got a bone to pick with reality
Take a deep breath and lay back down wearing my badge of infamy
Change the bulb in the nightlight cause it flickered flickered and died
Repeat the words you're not alone to self three times and hit the light
My aim is true, turn off the phone, let's sleep 'till two

Your sad eyes take and own me
Words are unnecessary
Grip the back of your neck and slowly
Move 'til it all becomes alright

Let the fighting words lie
Let the candlelight die
Let the sun come up
Let the saline dry

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