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Latest news, contests, photo gallery, links, animated pictures, and famous Depeche Mode fans gallery.
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Includes news, information, photo gallery, audio, video, lyrics, newsgroup, mailing lists, and discography.
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Amazon offers People Are People (Audio CD),25 October, 1990
rock music |  Depeche Mode  | rock n roll List price $9.98
People Are People ~ Depeche Mode / 2
People are People being a US only compilation must be the worst official Depeche Mode compilation out there. To pick tracks such as pipeline, now this is fun and other questionable choices is beyond me. When my friend had bought it back in the early 90's I was excited. Maybe this is a compilation of rare remixes only released in the US. But no, it is a shoddy compilation with old tracks and the selection must have come at random or in a dark room. The cover art is also the worst since Speak and Spell. This compilation should be avoided since it is just a hop scotch of tracks and not a true compilation.
Song "Two Minute Warning"
We're lying by the orange sky
Two million miles across the land
Scattered to the highest high
Expect they'll either laugh or cry
No sex, no consequence, no sympathy
You're good enough to eat

Two minute warning
Two minutes later
When time has come
My days are numbered

The dawning of another year
It's time for those who understand
One in four still here
While you and I go hand in hand
No radio, no sound, no sin, no sanctuary
So welcome to your last

Two minute warning
Two minutes later
When time has come
My days are numbered
Two minute warning

The sun, the solitude, the symmetry
So welcome to your last

Two minute warning
Two minutes later
When time has come
My days are numbered

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With his first stateside release, David Guetta hopes his infectious mix of dance music will have the country dancing to his tunes. This Grammy-nominated French DJ has built a massive following across Europe and now has set America in his sights. His debut album, Just A Little More Love, has sold over a million units in Europe, spawning two hit singles, both of which are featured on the U.S. ...
Depeche Mode Speak & Spell / Music for the Masses / Violator (Pitchfork)
These reissues-- of arguably the three most beloved records in Depeche Mode?s catalog-- come in a slightly baffling format.
Rhino Charges On With Depeche Mode Reissues (CMJ)
Fans who cried themselves to sleep last night over Depeche Mode's Grammy loss to Justin Timberlake can dry their eyes in consolation: Rhino Records is continuing its charge through Depeche Mode?s influential synth-pop catalog with two more reissues due March 20. The remastered deluxe editions of 1983's Construction Time Again and 1986's Black Celebration , each packaged in two-disc sets, will ...
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This is a kind-of-monthly online column that's sort of about music. Its similarities to any previous writings are purely coincidental.
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Lukas Rossi fronts a star-studded band and shows promise as a performer. The reality television and online hit show "Rock Star: Supernova" has been well and truly over since September.
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There's nothing quite like a dark bar in the middle of the afternoon. Walk in and you feel like you're getting away with something, like you have left what ails you out in the world and you get to turn off the clock for a bit.
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The 49th Annual Grammy Awards were held in L.A. last night, and after a perfectly executed opening performance by the reunited Police, the show reverted to it's somewhat staid nature and the typical commercially viable faces took home the gold.
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