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Elektra Records
Includes a discography and audio/video clips.
Deee-Liteful Experience
Fan site with discography, lyrics, bios, photo gallery, video information, and poll.
Lady Kier
The official site of the former lead singer, co-writer, co-producer and butt shaker for Deee-lite. Contact information and tour dates.
Site dedicated to Deee-Lite (sometimes spelled Deelite ). Includes biography, discography, music, and photo gallery, plus information on Lady Miss Kier. Also adopt a DoodleBeat for your site. World Clique
Review of the album.
Amazon offers Sampladelic Relics & Dancefloor Oddities (Audio CD),29 October, 1996
rock music |  Deee-lite  | rock n roll List price $9.98
Many a "Good Beat". / 3
It's your basic remix album, just good. I'm gonna guess casual fans can pass on this, and go for the hits disc. However, true fans of Deee-lite, or fans of electronica/dance music, may expierience a "Mind Melt" upon listening. None of the originals are really improved on, they're just much different. Some are nearly unrecognizable, some are slowed down or sped up quite a bit. This is surely full of good beats though, good samples, and it's a good 69 minutes long. If you're forever waiting on that Lady Miss Kier solo album, you know you need to pick this up.
Song "What Is Love?"

What is love?
I think I know what love is.
I think I know what love is.
I think I know…I think
What is love? What is love?

Mmm how do you say…
Delicious, delovely
Delectable, devine
How do you say…
Degorgeous? Dewith it?
Degroovy? Define?

Ooh lala lalalalala
Faux francaise
How do you say delicious?
How do you say delovely?
How do you say delectable?
How do you say devine?
How do you say degroovy?
Dewith it?
How do you say Deee-Lite?
We’ve been trying to find out
Is there really such a thing?

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Ultimate guide to Deee-Lite: biography, discography, reviews, links. World Clique: Music
Editorial Reviews This debut is Deee-Lite's most consistent record, and subsequently their best. By freebasing the previous three decades of pop ...
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