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Website of Bengali rock musician Ditio "Dark" Syed, based in London-UK. Contains background information on the artist's music, views, writings and artwork.
Amazon offers Melomania (Audio CD),29 May, 1996
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The Most Overlooked Recording of the 90s / 5
"Melomania" by The Darkside(not to be confused with Darkside), who was born out of the ashes of Spaceman 3, would quite simply be the best recording of the 90's even if it just contained one track: "Rise". "Rise" is a nearly 10 minute masterpiece of guitar virtuosity. Every other song on this recording is superb. Especially "Tornado". The bands first recording "All that Noise" is also outstanding. While "All that Noise" was more atmospheric, "Melomania" is hard driving guitar music. The Darkside disbanded years ago. So grab this CD while you can. It's almost impossible to find. Beggar's Banquet would do well to re-release it (along with "All that Noise"). I would love to know whatever happened to the members of The Darkside. Surely talented artist like these continued to make great music after breaking up. :: Topic review - Bangla mp3's for Free
... Enjoy... Keep rocking, keep the spirit alive Ditio Powered ...
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Concert Review of Dbc On the 3rd · Is there a concert on the 10th ? ... Alternative Fest At Rcc On 25th Dec · Darksyed Unplugged - Sunday 28th December, ...
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Great Review also. darksyed · darksyed said... Dec 30 2005, 18:31 UTC. totally agree!rosenrot was one of the best metal albums! Berg_1907 · Berg_1907 said. ...
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