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Roger Daltry, one of rock history's quintessential voices, released a handful of solo albums (as did bandmate, Pete Townshend), and all of them created a different style of rock that was practically cut as classics by just the mere vocal talents of Mr. Daltry.

You are presented here with a fantastic look into what Roger Daltry would have been if the Who never happened and there is nothing to let you down. Roger rock's hard, in a Who vein, with "Free Me" from the McVicar soundtrack. And then is just as peaceful and easy going as any great ballader with his biggest solo Top 40 hit, "Without Your Love" (also from McVicar).

And then we see a different approach with the long lost track, "Walking In My Sleep", which is possibly one of the better songs written back in the mid-80's.

And the album closes with the Bryan Adams assisted cuts from Rog's Under A Raging Moon. And when Bryan Adams rocks he rocks well and gave Roger Daltry a great out-tro to an amazing rock career. Take note of the cut, "Let Me Down Easy", (possibly written for Adam's own Reckless set in 1984).

And the best was saved for last. "Giving It All Away" sounds like a Townshend masterpiece taken from the Lifehouse (or even Quadrophenia) sessions. "Giving It All Away" could very well be that long lost Who track many are desperately in search for and it's findings here on this collection is worth the entire price of the album.

Approprietly this collection needs a 5 star rating, the exclusion of his Elton / Taupin tribute, "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" was for all practical purposes, greatly missed here. But even Roger cannot release the perfect album or collection. Save that for The Who.

Song "Oceans Away"
Don't wake me up
If I should be dreaming
I don't want to miss one minute of this dream.

Don't worry now
Cause your not dreaming
I'll love you always where ever you'll be.

Oceans away
Go where you may
And love will be with you
Oceans away
And love will be with you
Oceans away

The night is cold
But day is certain
No twilight zone can last very long
Darkness my friend I'll hide in your curtain
If your not here with me please let me dream on.

Oceans away
Go where you may
But love will be with you
Oceans away
Love will be with you
Oceans away

Oceans away
Go where you may
But love will be with you
Oceans away
Love will be with you
Oceans away

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