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Maverick Records: Dakona
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Amazon offers Perfect Change (Audio CD),23 September, 2003
rock music |  Dakona  | rock n roll List price $11.98
Really good rock album / 4
For some reason I never actually bothered to listen to these guys, althoug I was told they would match my taste in music. But one day I bought the album, just for fun. And I must say I was pleasantly suprised by its quality and it has spent some time in my CD-player the last couple of weeks.
Perfect change contains 13 really good rock songs, and quite a few of them are very powerful. Just listen to opening track "Waiting" or "Soul for sale". Ryan Mcallister has a strong voice which he dosn't misuse, like i.e.that guy in Creed. Dakona also avoids making their music to pompous, their sinserity shines through. This is definitely one of the best debut albums I have heard!
So who should buy Perfect change? Well, if you like Radford's lates effort, that you ought to give this record a try. Or if you like Our lady peace's Gravity. In other words, this i a good rock album, nothing more, nothing less!

Song "Center Of The World"
She took the money she stole the car keys
Told off the junkie at the liquor store
Once again she said she got it
But she just don’t get it
Got my arms wide open like I’ve done before
A thousand times before

And I can’t sleep tonight
Not knowing if you’re alright

And she has got to be the life of everything
And she’s got nothing left but still she goes
Do you ever know
I am waiting and it’s so frustrating
’Cause you’re never quite a happy girl
Your the center of the world

And if there’s one thing
One thing that scares me
It’s that I tend to see myself in you
Don’t see the picture my head’s a blister
I live in slo-mo ’ cause I like the view


And she steals beauty from the face of sincerity
She takes everything
She is not much more than just another pretty face

And still no peace awaits . . .


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