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Amazon offers Re: Construktion (Audio CD),27 March, 2001
rock music |  Click Click  | rock and roll music List price $15.98
Very dark, very impersonal, very .click. / 4
So I got click's cd reconstruktion. Its, well.... I like it. its strange cause its kind of like if gravity kills and stabbing westward got in a fight and their music kind of got mashed together. I'm not sure if too many other people will like it, but if people can actually like grindcore then maybe click has a chance. I'm also the only person i know who has heard of .click. The first 10 tracks make up about 33 and a half minutes. 6 of the tracks are straight songs with lyrics and stuff and the other 4 are little minute and a half sample techno things. Tracks 11 and 12 are 9 or 10 second tracks that are used as a set up for track 13, which is a really good 7 minute techno mix of track 9. I found about .click. when I saw them perform 3 songs on much music (yeah non sell out music stations). The cd is better then the live performance at some parts but weaker at others. The live is a lot more metal and the music is a little less (lets say) organized (but still good). The cd sounds a little too robotic at times but on the overall it's quite good. The cd flows well and tracks 2, 8, and 9 are just awesome. So if you want a cd that will show a little of your hidden love for the underground then get this one.
Song "Pleasure And Pain"
You Always Said You Loved Me
Though My Mind Right Now's Not Sure
You Always Were There For Me Though My Heart Never Feels Secure
Why Can't You Take The First Step To Let Me Know You Really Care
Cuz Now I'm Feeling Driven Into A Love That's Not Right There

(Chorus) Why Do You Make Me Feel This Way
Feeling Betrayed Feeling Pushed Away
Why Do You Make Me Feel So Bad
Feeling So Hurt Feeling So Sad
What Have I Done To Make You Turn
Feeling So Lost I'm Feeling So Burned
If You Really Cared You'd Make A Change
So I Can Feel The Pleasures And Not The Pain

After All I've Said
You Still Have It Set In Your Head
That You Don't Really Care About Me
Why Can't You Seem To Believe
That I'm The Only One For You
I Gave All My Love To You Oooh
And After All I've Done For You
You Never Seemed To Love Me The Way That I Love You


Baby Can You Feel Me
It Hurts So Bad
It Hurts So Bad
I Just Can't Take It No More Baby
Girl Make A Change
So I Can Feel The Pleasures And Not The Pain

Chorus To End

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