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Features tour dates, biography, discography, photos, and memorabilia.
Walter Trout of Canned Heat interview.
Interview: Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra of Canned Heat
Interview by Michele Martin from Drop-D Magazine.
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Features biography, discography, fan club store, and membership information.
Amazon offers Uncanned: Best of (Audio CD),17 May, 1994
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Boogie On / 5
I first heard Canned Heat when they released their second album, "Boogie With the Canned Heat" and I was hooked for life. They were the best "white boys playing the blues and boogie" of all times. Alan Wilson was a great blues songwritter and guitar player. His singing was also very good. Larry Taylor was, and is the best bass player around. He never gets the recognition he deserves. He turns up everywhere, even on Tom Waites albums. Bob Hite was a great and underrated blues shouter and master of ceramonies. De La Para was as solid as they come on drums, and still is. The real standout of the original lineup was Henry Vestine. A forgotten standout blues guitar player. Hendrix used to go see him play, and John Fayhe sings his praises to this day.Unfortunately these boys lived the blues and personal demons got the best of three of them. Wilson, Hite and Vestine have all departed this life, but they left behind some great blues and boogie for us.Canned Heat continues to this day, but to realy experiance them, you must hear the early band. This is a good sampler of that band. Due to drug and substance abuse problems, Harvey Mandell plays guitar in the band in place of Vestine on a number of songs. He is also a great, and forgotten, blues guitar player.Also, check out one of their early live albums for a feel of what they were all about. I hope that one day they receive their due. They have certainly paid their dues. In the words of Bob Hite, "Don't forget to boogie!"
Song "Road To Rio"
Well, I was livin' on the road
Couldn't get a decent meal
My baby, she gave me a dirty deal
Now I'm hitchhikin' on the road to Rio
Tryin' to flag a ride from an automobile

Won't somebody stop and let me ride?
Why don't you stop and let me ride?
Won't somebody let me ride?
I'm movin' on down the line

I'm standing on the road right by the side
Nobody knows how many tears I've cried
I've even thought about suicide
I guess it must be time to take a ride

Won't somebody stop and let me ride?
Why don't you stop and let me ride?
Won't somebody let me ride?
I'm movin' on down the line

--- Guitar Solo ---

Standin' on the road right by the side
Watchin' all the cars keep passin' by
The sun's goin' down, but I don't mind
I'm gonna catch a ride if it takes all night

Won't somebody stop and let me ride?
Why don't you stop and let me ride?
Won't somebody let me ride?
I'm movin' on down the line

Now it was 2:00am and I was high and dry
These beautiful chick gave me the eye
She opened the door and I slid by her side
And we headed on down the line

I'm so glad she stopped and let me ride
Somebody finally let me ride
I'm so glad she stopped and let me ride
We're gonna boogie on down the line

One hundred miles ahead
We're gonna moving on down the line

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SPIN FACTOR (Nashville City Paper)
Canned Heat perfected a boogie blues approach that featured a less aggressive bottom end than mentor and main influence John Lee Hooker (with whom they made some outstanding music), letting Bob ?The Bear? Hite?s floating vocals stride above rollicking backgrounds established by guitarist Henry Vestine, bassist Richard Hite and the other instrumental contributors.
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