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T-Bone Burnett
Profile with photos. T-Bone Burnett
Profile featuring information about his Christian faith.
T Bone Burnett Discusses His "American Roots Music"
Audio and print report from NPR Weekend Edition Saturday.
Sam Phillips
Fan site for Burnett's wife includes his discography, a listing of his production and guest musician credits, lyrics, interviews, and biography.
Amazon offers Truth Decay (Audio CD),22 July, 1997
rock music |  J Burnett  | rock and roll music List price $15.98
This CD *truly* merits five stars / 5
By the third song of my first listening of Truth Decay, I was a T-Bone Burnett fan for life. He seems to be using his musical genius (yes! genius is not an over statement) these days as a producer.

If you want to hear him in his full song-writing, playing and producing glory, this is the album. I must have listened to this album a hundred times! I'm not kidding when I say that it is so superbly crafted that not a single rim shot is out-of-place. It's truly a masterpiece, even if unknown to the general public.

T-Bone seems to remain a musician's musician. He probably made a good career move into producing, where he seems to be widely appreciated. Start studying the liner notes of your CDs and you'll discover what a contribution he has made to the music industry.

I love the guy!

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