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Brickell, Edie and New Bohemians
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Amazon offers Ghost of a Dog (Audio CD),19 October, 1990
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A wonderful album that most have ignored / 4
This album got nearly no notice at time of release critically or commercially yet it still remains one I pull out a lot. While it's a bit of a step back from "Shooting Rubberbands...", it's really only a sophomore slump in sales terms..the album was still a fine artistic effort that holds up well today. This album finds the band stretching out a bit from the sound of the first album adding Tex-Mex flavors, a touch of bluesy slide here and there, and a few songs stripped so bare they're more folk than folk-rock.

"Mama Help Me" starts things off with bluesy swagger incorporating roadhouse piano and some stinging slide guitar accents. "Carmelito" is an Old West tale of adultery and murdery that sounds somewhat reminiscent of Los Lobos' more Tex-Mex moments thanks to guest Jo-el Sonnier's accordion. "10,000 Angels" is a plea for a partner's support in a time of decision ("10,000 demons are scratchin' at my feet/tearing at my soul/ripping apart my belief/10,000 angels are flying overhead/circling the ceiling/reaching down onto my bed/I said "Come to me, I really want you"/"Come to me, I really need you now") The spare title tune appears to be a veiled metaphor for a couple's hidden demons they don't want to face ("How can that dog be/scratchin' at the back door/We ran over him years ago") "Woyaho" is a fluffy song for the road complete with singalong hook. "This Eye" examines our tendencies to want to 'win the battle' of daily argument instead of the war to keep love alive. The album closes strong with the spare "Me by the Sea" where Edie says she's glad no one's there with her but "man, I wish I had a hand to hold". There's a lovely part that SOUNDS like bagpipes that I'm assuming is processed electric guitar since there's no mention of bagpipes in the liners.

"Oak Cliff Bra" is far too cutesy for its own good. It's nearly children's music. "Forgiven" is somewhat tepid lyrically, though musically it's one of their bigger departures. The menacing guitar bed is quite unlike anything else on the disc.

While the low spots make this not as good as the debut, it's close. If you bought "Shooting Rubberbands..." and liked it, you'll love this one as well.

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New Bohemians - Official Site. Features News, reviews, merchandise, and schedule.. Woyaho - the New Bohemian Fansite - Features calendar, message board, ...
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Features news, reviews, merchandise, and schedule. Woyaho - The New Bohemian Fansite - Features calendar, message board, ...
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