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Amazon offers Diamond Mine (Audio CD),12 June, 2002
rock music |  Blue Rodeo  | rock and roll music List price $20.99
A solid early effort / 4
Although the Dylan fetish gets out of hand at times, this is a solid, if annoyingly out-of-print debute from Canada's Blue Rodeo. Compared to contemporary efforts, this release has held up well over time. The template for their 1993 album track "Five Days In May" is clearly evident on Diamond Mine's title track. Although pretentiously Dylaneque titles like "Ballad of the Dime Store Greaser and the Blonde Mona Lisa" may seem like jokes today, the songwriting holds its own.
Song "English Bay"
You are so far away
On this cold empty night
As I lie in a hotel room
Looking at the street light
Outside my window
I listen to the rain
And the sounds of the passing cars
And the waves on English Bay

And I wonder if you think of me
As I dream of you
Do you hear the song
That I sing
In this hotel room
'Cause I see you in the stars above
And in every setting sun
And even though you're fifteen hundred miles away
I hear howling at the moon

And I hold you in my mind
And I start to float away
Yea the whole world seems very strange
In a pleasant kinda way

And as the morning sun comes up
And puts an end to this long night
More than anything I wish
You were here
Lying by my side
Holding me near
Listening to the rain
And the passing cars
And the waves on English Bay

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