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Blue Period
Official site of the SF-based 5 piece glam rock band. Inclues band biography, music, images and contact info.
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A fan site with news, band info, audio, photos, lyrics, show dates, reviews, trivia, forums and interviews.
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Song "Glitter"
Come in, come in and disappear
We've been expecting you here
So hello
Welcome to the only place you can call your home
You can blow your mind and let it all go
What took you so long?

When the light has fallen from the sky
And the darkness crawls inside your mind
Your glitter will not glitter tonight

You've been around here awhile
We know what lies behind your smile
So you're in
In this club it doesn't matter where you've been
In this light you look like you could fit right in
You can never leave

When the stars burn out inside this room
And our secret dance goes slowly out of tune
When your world has split in two
Your glitter will not glitter on you, on you, tonight

Glitter doesn't glitter in the dark
Glitter doesn't glitter in the dark

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