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Interview with Dermot and Robbie.
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History, discography, and lyrics.
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Review of 'The End is High'.
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Amazon offers Enema Of The State (Audio CD),01 June, 1999
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Music? More like noise. / 1
The thing that turns me off about Blink 182 is the complete and total lack of originality in their songs. Every song sounds almost exactly the same. They try to be funny with the lyrics and all, but they fail. I could find no enjoyment in this album. Every song has nearly the same guitar and drum beat. This gets boring quickly.

Don't even remind me of the singing...those guys need some real talent when they sing, and they just don't have it. They'd easily fail to pass the American Idol tryouts. Their voices bother me a lot, too. It sounds like one of them has a pencil stuck in their voicebox.

I like listening to unique music with good vocals, originality, and lyrics that actually make SENSE. Blink 182 fails to meet these requirements.

The New York Times > Books > Sunday Book Review > 'Blink': Hunch Power
"Decisions made very quickly," Malcolm Gladwell says in his book about first impressions, "can be every bit as good as decisions made cautiously and ...
Before you can say |
The writer is in top form in "Blink," and the reading here is a real pleasure. As in the best of Gladwell's work, "Blink" brims with surprising insights ...
Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | Observer review: Blink by ...
Observer review: Six Impossible Things and Breaking the Spell ... Malcolm Gladwell makes the case for 'thin slicing' in Blink Stephen Bayley ...,,1406699,00.html 01/30/05 - Malcolm Gladwell Blinks At Racial Realities
In a scathing review of Blink in the The New Republic, the celebrated Judge Richard A. Posner explains:. "It would not occur to Gladwell, a good liberal, ...
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+44 (Daily Vidette)
One thing is true. The internal organ that pumps the musical juices within these worn out rockers is certainly still beating. Emerging out of the shambled remains of blink-182 comes Mark Hoppus' and Travis Barker's newest alien creation: +44. These number-fascinated punk rockers bring with them an entirely new band with an entirely old sound.
The Matches heat things up in Philly (The Triangle Online)
As far as bands with personality go, there are not many bands with more personality than The Matches. The Matches hail from Oakland, Calif., where most kids enjoy the beat-heavy sounds of hip-hop and rap acts. Originally called The Locals, The Matches started as a high school band with a rapper that evolved into the experimental punk band with a record deal on Epitaph.
Music Review: JJ Grey and Mofro - Country Ghetto (
Mofro's sizzling new CD - their first on Alligator Records - goes deep-fried with a panful of swampy blues and Stax-Volt soul. JJ Grey's direct, concise songwriting has sharpened, while the band's incantatory live shows translate better to disc here than on past recordings. The triumphant result strengthens Mofro's position as the most important rock force to come out of the deep South in ...
Detective Dressel loved work with police, family says (The Toledo Blade)
Toledo police Detective Keith Dressel grew up in Ottawa Lake, Mich., a quiet, little blink-and-you'll-miss-it community just north of the Ohio-Michigan line.
CD reviews: Fall Out Boy, Patty Griffin (Northwest Herald)
Our little Fall Out Boy is really growing up. Nearly past an awkward adolescence, the emo-rock band is making insightful observations on the record industry and diversifying its sound.
Sadness tempered by relief (St. Petersburg Times)
Jan Wesner is a journalist and Army wife who writes the Standing By blog for on what it's like when your spouse and the father of your two children is sent to Iraq. Here are some recent excerpts about his most recent visit home.
Forgotten Series: Bill Evans - The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings (Bl...
The pianist, of course, got all the press. But Scott Lafaro, this tragic genius in a unique counter-melodic style, is the one who so often gets forgotten. If you care anything about bass (rock, jazz, or blues) you will find his recordings with Bill Evans at New York City's Village Vanguard... and you will study them. LaFaro performed for just six years between 1955-61, yet he moved this ...
The Jury is Out on the Sirius/XM Merger (SeekingAlpha via Yahoo! Finance)
Roger Ehrenberg submits: Needless to say, the blogosphere has been afire in the wake of the big Sirius /XM Satellite merger announcement. And I'd like to chronicle some of these discussions here.
Used Grease to Power ShuttlesBiodiesel@MIT in Top 10 For mtvU, GE Ecomaginati...
Imagine the oil from French fries being converted into the fuel that feeds an MIT SafeRide shuttle. Biodiesel@MIT proposes to do just that: convert MIT's abundant supply of used vegetable oil (UVO) into processed biodiesel for campus transportation.
Embracing Digital Age Fall Out Boy Hits Top of Chart, Thanks to Web- Watching...
By Fred Shuster\ Music Writer For a band that's made a gigantic splash on the Internet, Fall Out Boy sure was burned when a couple of songs from their new album leaked into cyperspace the other week.

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