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Amazon offers Shadow of the Moon (Audio CD),17 February, 1998
rock music |  Blackmore's Night  | rock and roll music List price $16.98
Great debut / 3
I give this 3 stars because I gave their 3rd cd "Fires at Midnight" 4 stars and I like that one better. Obviously, they can't all have the same rating when you like some more than others. I am suspicious when people give every cd they "like" 5 stars. To me "5 stars" are reserved for your favorite all-time classics, is every cd everyones fave all-time classic?

I digress, this is a great cd for a debut. I like Fires at Midnight more than this because it is darker and has a bit more of a punch. Shadow of the Moon does contain some great tunes, definately, but overall there are as many tunes that don't seem to go very far, typical of a debut. Also, Candices vocals should have been potted up a bit especially on the title track where she struggles to be heard. The music interludes sound nice but none are too distinct and they add more "mood" than substance. However, as a whole this is the most inspiring "new" music I have heard in a very long time with topnotch production besides. This is the best project Blackmore has been involved with. In many ways even outshining his work with Ronnie James Dio. This work is more mature and honest than any Rainbow disc.

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