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Amazon offers B.J. Thomas Classics (Audio CD),23 February, 1996
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Song "Come To Me"
Come to me now that I have found you
Come to me, wrap my love around you
Look in my eyes, hear what they say
Don't run away
Stay, stay, stay

I'm on fire, let your lips caress me
My desire is that you possess me
Don't be afraid for love to come to you
My lover, come to me
Lover, come to me
Come to me

Don't be afraid for love to come to you
My lover, come to me
Lover, come to me
Come to me

Arts Unlimited | Arts Friday Review | Björk, Army of Me: Remixes ...
Guardian Unlimited Arts · Arts Friday Review ... Now Björk, being Björk, has invited interpretations of her 1995 electro-metal hit Army of Me from around ...,,1472332,00.html
Björk: Vespertine: Pitchfork Review
[Elektra; 2001] Rating: 7.2 - Review by: Ryan Schreiber.
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Blooming good time on the red carpet (Seattle Times)
You can say one thing about Grammy fashion: It's never modest. The Grammy red carpet lit up with fashions from smokin' hot to just plain...

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