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Amazon offers Help! [UK] (Audio CD),17 October, 1990
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My Favorite / 5
This is the first record they made after being introduced to marijuana by Bob Dylan. They paid more attention to instrument sounds and other elements of music making thanks to their altered perceptions. Compare this to their previous record which sounds rough by comparison. The real accomplishment, though, is the maturation of their song lyrics, especially in Yesterday and It's Only Love. With these songs, they left their adolescent fans in the dust. The one Beatles record I would own if I could own only one.
Song "Tell Me What You See"


If you let me take your heart I will prove to you
We will never be apart if I'm part of you
Open up your eyes now, tell me what you see
It is no surprise now, what you see is me

Big and black the clouds may be, time will pass away
If you put your trust in me I'll make bright your day
Look into these eyes now, tell me what you see
Don't you realise now, what you see is me
Tell me what you see

Listen to me one more time, how can I get through?
Can't you try to see that I'm trying to get to you?
Open up your eyes now, tell me what you see
It is no surprise now, what you see is me
Tell me what you see

Listen to me one more time, how can I get through?
Can't you try to see that I'm trying to get to you?
Open up your eyes now, tell me what you see
It is no surprise now, what you see is me

Beatles Anthology Vol.2, The - Beatles (The) : Read reviews and ...
Read reviews and compare prices for Beatles Anthology Vol.2, The - Beatles (The) ... Beatles The The, Beatles Beatles The, Beatles Anthology The The, ... Reviews: The Beatles: The Biography, With the Beatles
Books: Reviews: <I>The Beatles: The Biography</I>, <I>With the Beatles</I> - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.
Beatles, The - Yellow Submarine
BEATLES, THE - YELLOW SUBMARINE reviews from the nation's top critics and audiences. Also includes movie info, trailer, poster, photos, news, articles, ...
Review: The Beatles: The Capitol Albums, Volume 2
Review: The Beatles: The Capitol Albums, Volume 2.
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Pomp and circumstance (The Plain Dealer)
- The Beatles, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (1967): An orchestra revs up for "A Day in the Life," to staggering effect. - The Who, "Tommy" (1969): Not the first rock opera, but the most famous.
Make tracks to witness 'The Derailers' (Greenville Herald-Banner)
You might call them The Beatles with Stetsons or as lead vocalist Brian Hofeldt says, ?Buck Owens meets the Beatles.? But whatever you call them, you can fully expect The Derailers to jump the tracks from honky-tonk country to vintage rock 'n roll and back.
Michigan band brings original music stylings to Terre Haute venue (Indiana St...
The Robin Horlock Band will be playing its second show in Terre Haute, 10 p.m. Saturday night at The Verve. The band is from Northville, Mich., just west of Detroit, and consists of Robin Horlock, lead vocals and guitar, Ryan Hyland, drums, Kenny Sams, lead guitar, Mike Vartanian, keyboard and Joel Warren, bass guitar.
Band honors hometown roots, celebrates CD release (Salisbury Post)
The words "Salisbury's Fisher Street" brings to mind restaurants, the mural, the historic district. Now it's a different destination, a place for super sounds and memorable music ? but it's a band, not a boulevard.
February 22nd: Entertainment History (KTHV Little Rock)
On February 22nd, 1934, the comedy "It Happened One Night," starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, opened in New York. In 1964, The Beatles arrived in London following their first visit to the United States.
Here, there, everywhere (The State)
Another week, another month (another year, another decade), and we?re still talking about the Beatles.
Yoko Ono's Yes, I'm a Witch: A Yoko Tribute Album Mercifully Free of the Bare...
Holding forth on the phone the other day about his band's new song-by-song cover of Meet the Beatles!, Smithereens frontman Pat DiNizio told me that most tribute albums suck because they lack a sense
Keeping it all in the family (Boston Globe)
Given their family's musical history and sheer size, it's not a shock that the three O'Malley brothers who make up the Safes -- Frankie , 33; Patrick , 30; and Michael , 29 -- formed a rock band. What is surprising is that they didn't start a marching band.
Grizzly Bear roams a wide territory (
The Brooklyn-based band showcases shimmering melodies from its second album, "Yellow House." It's rare anymore for a band to do anything truly surprising, given how many bands there have been since the dawn of the modern pop era.
Just Asking: with guitarist Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance (Northwest Herald)
In recording its third album, New Jersey band My Chemical Romance was inspired by over-the-top rock acts like Queen and Pink Floyd. Now that the group is touring arenas with ?The Black Parade,? it is taking cues from the stadium-sized spectacles of those bands.

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