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Often unfairly written off as a Fab Four clone (they recorded for Apple Records), Badfinger was in truth one of rock and roll's hookiest and most harmonic singles bands, thanks chiefly to the sweet songwriting and vocal efforts of tragic figure Pete Ham. Although Paul McCartney penned their debut charter COME AND GET IT, the boys REALLY hit the pop stratosphere via Ham's NO MATTER WHAT, DAY AFTER DAY, and BABY BLUE (he also co-composed the beautiful Nilsson smash WITHOUT YOU, included in its original form here). Other bright spots on this 22 track overview include MAYBE TOMORROW, a pre-Badfinger single from their days as the Iveys, though nothing appears from their brief comeback attempt without Ham (who had committed suicide). In short, this is as near a picture perfect pop postcard of early seventies radio rock as you can get. So by all means, come and get it. RATING: FIVE FINGERS UP

I saw the railway master and I looked him in the eye

I said, "Would you go much faster if you thought that you would die?"

He said, "Not me sir, I could not care, in fact, I would not try.

For protest would not take me far.

It's different, me not being a star."

I lock my feelings in a jar until another day

Oh, comfort me, dear brother, won't you tell me what you know?

For somewhere in this paper world is a place where I can go

Oh, long awaiting mother, is it time to make a show?

And take your babies to your breast

No, we never passed the test

And all our sins should be confessed before we carry on


Oh, don't refuse me

If you choose me, you'll follow my shame

No, don't confuse me

For I know it's the name of the game

I got up off my pillow and I looked up at the sun

I said, "You can see quite clearly, now, the things that we have done

We burned your sacred willow and our battles we have won.

But did we get so very far?

It's different, me not being a star."

I lock my feelings in a jar until we go away

CHORUS 2 times.

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