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Song "Hypnotize"
well if you set your mind to fallin
i know that you can
you got everything you wanted
you've done everything you plan
so let me make an offer
i'm only trying to help
you can make your loan just a little longer
all you got to do is share the wealth

oh no don't you keep your good luck to yourself
oh no don't you keep your good luck to yourself

i know you've got problems
i see it in your eyes
but if you want to live to see the morning
leave it up to your brother or you get a surprise

oh no don't you keep your good luck to yourself
oh no don't you keep your good luck to yourself


well it's time to see
you've got to give or your gonna see
hey it's time to see
you've got to give if you wanna believe
you will breathe
it's time to see

(oh no don't you keep your good luck to yourself)
(oh no don't you keep your good luck to yourself)

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Review of Audioslave - Audioslave. ... All Music Reviews AZ. elsewhere on the web:. Audioslave Make Live Debut News Story (Dec '02) ...
Audioslave: Audioslave: Pitchfork Review
[Epic; 2002] Rating: 1.7 - Review by: Chris Dahlen & Ryan Schreiber.
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However few of them accomplish this successfully. Audioslave is one of the the few bands to emerge... Full Review. posted May 16 2005 2:19 PM ... CD Review: Audioslave - Out Of Exile
Music: CD Review: <i>Audioslave - Out Of Exile</i> - Audioslave seems to be treading ground similar to that of Led Zeppelin. The album trajectory of Led ...
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ROCKER WALKS (New York Post)
CHRIS Cornell quit his band, Audioslave, forever last week because of "irresolvable personality conflicts," but sources say it was about the money. "Chris was unhappy with the financial arrangement within the group - he wrote all the music, yet the...
Cornell Ditches Audioslave (Net Music Countdown)
LOS ANGELES, CA Tuesday Feb.20.2007 / -- Chris Cornell has confirmed that he is leaving Audioslave, citing "personality conflicts" with members of the band.
Gettin' the Band Back Together (UGO - UnderGroundOnline)
The news that the (still inevitable, we say) Van Halen reunion tour has been "postponed" was the first blemish on what has otherwise been a banner year for, as the title of the feature says, getting' the band back together.
Cornell on Audioslave Split (antiMUSIC)
(TuneLab) Chris Cornell told MTV that his decision to leave Audioslave was rooted in his songwriting process. "It was clear to all of us we needed some time apart, and what that produces is anybody's guess.
Emancipation Proclamation (Entertainment Weekly)
CORNELL When he decided to leave Audioslave, the rest of the band ''found out with everybody else, and I haven't heard from them at all since.''
Universal, De Niro Doing Third 'Fockers' movie (Entertainment Weekly)
Plus: Two new movies for Frances McDormand, Barry Levinson to direct Tom Hanks, Julianne Moore Western, and more...
Audioslave No More? (IGN Music)
Chris Cornell exits band, prepares new solo album. February 16, 2007 - Chris Cornell, frontman for Audioslave, the group that arose from the ashes of both Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine, has announced his departure.
Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell announced Thursday (February 15), citing ?irresolvable personality conflicts as well as musical differences,? he said Thursday (February 15). ?Due to irresolvable personality conflicts as well as musical differences, I am permanently leaving the band Audioslave.
Cornell Splits With Audioslave (
Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell is leaving the band. The reason for the split? Cornell blames it on, quote, "irresolvable personality conflicts as well as musical differences." Yikes.
Police, Fugees Plan Reunions (Emory Wheel)
Before the Police launched into their ceremony-opening performance of "Roxanne" at the Grammy Awards, lead singer Sting declared, "We are the Police, and we're back!"

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