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Official site of edgy, melodic Atlanta rock band. Biography, photos, discography, show dates and links.
Alastor IUMA Page
Tour dates, biography, sound files and lyrics from this Atlanta rock band.
Elizabeth Elkins
Interview with the singer and songwriter from The Celebrity Cafe.
IndieMonkey: Alastor Interview
Interview with the band's singer, Elizabeth Elkins.
Amazon offers This Life (Audio CD),11 February, 2005
rock music |  Alastor  | rock and roll music List price $13.99
waves of pure genius! / 5
This is one of those CDs that just got stuck in my CD player after I got it. I couldn't stop listening to it for at least a week, but even then, I never got sick of it and I'm up for hearing any of these songs any moment. I know one guy who does his homework to this music, so I'm guessing that the genius waves from some of these band members (whether they be computer nerds or master shark guitarists) somehow infuse the music with something especially thoughtful. I'd heartily encourage you to buy it!
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Reviews for Alastor (Prt) - Crushing Christendom. ... Write a review for this release. Infernal Power of Satanas! - 80%. Written by The_Ghost_of_Room237 on ... - Alastor's profile
Alastor's Most Popular Reviews. #728 in Education: Harvard - the city on a hill. ... View all 3 popular reviews. Alastor's Author Popularity. #867 in Books ... Reviews for Alastor: Books: Jack Vance Reviews for Alastor: Books: Jack Vance by Jack Vance. Alastor: Books: Jack Vance
7 of 8 people found the following review helpful:. A good read, September 24, 2002 Reviewer: A reader Alastor is a compendium of three novels set in the ...
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