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Peaceville: Akercocke
Official Akercocke page from the label, Peaceville Records.
Official site of the London band features news, biography, pictures, MP3s, lyrics, and merchandise.
Akercocke: Brimstone and Sulphur's interview with the English band.
Amazon offers Rape of the Bastard Nazarene (Audio CD),25 January, 2005
rock music |  Akercocke  | rock and roll music List price $16.98
evil / 5
pure evil. your paint will peel from the walls and somewhere a priest is getting sodomized. there is heavy, fast music out there... but this? beyond.
Song "Becoming The Adversary"
And the dark lord shall wipe all tears from her eyes
For he said unto me- it is done
I am Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end
I will give freely unto him
That is athirst of the fountain of the water of life
Le Messe Noir- To deep without waking
From the dream of brief life
To become as one with the
Harbinger of truth and balance
Purity and sensuality
In the palace of perversity
To call the names
Of the gods of the abyss
Without fear
To be one with the father
Offered thrice to Baphomet
Spirit of unholy progress
I am compelled to obey the beast inside
And the faces in the scrying glass
Gazing back- Choronzon
The guardian of the pit
The sintinel of the abyss
And the nameless- formless
They wait- great wings furled
Eager to be summoned
Invisible we stalk the night
Only through divine angles
Impossible angles
Are we seen among you
Revered devils of enlightenment
Deathless ones
I will become as one with them
I will look into your eyes

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