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Unofficial Agents of Good Roots Homepage
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Includes a biography, discography, photos, video, links and message board. Agents of Good Roots
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Agents of Good Roots
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Amazon offers Seed (Audio CD),11 February, 2000
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da bomb / 5
There is one word that sums up this EP: badass. I agree w/reviewer and longtime AGR fan, Brian Pace, that their cover of "Sultans of Swing" exceeds the original itself and, additionally, was always a heavily requested favorite at their shows. "John Brown" and "Alaska" showcase some of their best lyrics, "Pin-Up Girl" is simply smokin', and "Smiling Up the Frown" provides a softer, romantic edge. Furthermore, "Alaska" is a song about preserving our natural habitats (presumably the area around the NAWR - Nat. Artic Wildlife Refuge), "John Brown" is about the famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at) abolitionist rebel, and "Pin-Up" serenades a porn star. Despite the fact that this band is no longer together, this EP is highly recommended.
Song "One Strange Land"
One strange land
Was built from the sea
Put a crown to the castle
No strange land
Could break the glass
That cuts all the cats down
I heard the captains voice
No choice to listen up
To your masses
I heard the captain's voice
Like a whistle in the breeze

I'm going to the coast of Manhattan
With a bag full of blues
And a yellow canary
Captain he spoke
In a voice from the Ivory Coast
Saying there's no passion in perfection
My son

Pull the flag down
Let dust settle back
On the rose-colored glasses
Pull the flag down
And watch it whistle in the breeze
One last hope that lies
Like a monkey that flies
To the scent of molasses
One last hope that lies
I watch it whistle to the Bees

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