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Amazon offers Just Push Play (Audio CD),06 March, 2001
rock music |  Aerosmith  | rock and roll music List price $11.98
My "Play" button is becoming worn... / 5
I feel like I'm committing blashpemy by saying this but... Just Push Play is the greatest album Aerosmith has ever released. Aerosmith is my all-time favorite band, and I got hooked on them from their old hardcore rock n' roll. Just Push Play drops this style in exchange for a more pop-ish style (besides Beayond Beautiful, which is a relatively heavy rock song). Here's my song-by-song analysis:

PS. I am rating these songs against each other, not in general. In that case, all the songs would get a 5 from me.

Beyond Beautiful:
The heaviest song on the album, and the second best. This is one song that makes me tap my heel to the hardcore beat everytime I hear it. Very awesome song writing, and Tyler provides some awesome vocals. An even better rendition of this song can be heard on the Rockin' the Joint live CD. 5 stars

Just Push Play:
The title track and coincidentally the best track on the album. Aerosmith goes out and their first rapping expedition and comes away with a winner. I hate rap. But for some reason, Aerosmith pulls it off. Maybe it's Tyler's voice or the crazy, even groovy, sounds that make this one a hit. 5 stars

Why do so many people think this is Aerosmith's greatest song? It is not, though it is pretty awesome. Probably my second least favorite on the CD though. This song has been even more overplayed by Stairway to Heaven, or even Aerosmith's own Dream On. 4 stars

Fly Away From Here:
The most emotional song on the CD. One of the two Aerosmith songs that actually touch me in that kind of way, the other one being Amazing from Get a Grip. Very awesome song, and if you ever get to see it, the music video is pretty awesome as well. 5 stars

Trip Hoppin':
Pretty catchy, but not as great as some of the other songs on the CD. 4 Stars

Easily the catchiest song on the CD. I find myself "Pushing Play" for this song quite often. 5 stars

Under My Skin:
Not as memorable as most of the other songs on the CD. When I think of the other songs, I can usually assign it a little clip of music in my head, but I draw a blank for this one though. Listening to it now though, it's pretty good. 4 stars

Luv Lies:
My least favorite on the disc, but that's not saying much. Great song, but not as great as the other tracks. 3 stars

Outta Your Head:
Pretty good song, with some neat sounds. Pretty catchy as well. 4 stars

Drop Dead Gorgeous:
This oe should have been titles "Under My Skin", because I constantly find it there. WARNING: Extremely catchy! I you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or have a broken limb, avoid this song. Just kidding. Maybe. 5 stars

Light Inside:
Pretty cool, but since I heard the live version of this first, it seems to be missing something, namely the awesome harmonica bits. Still pretty awesome song. 4 stars

Avant Garden:
I have no idea what the heck an Avant is, but I DO know that this song friggin' rocks. Definately in the top five for this CD. 5 stars

Song "Write Me A Letter"

write me a letter
write me a letter
write it today
I'm goin' away
well I've been away forever
suicide's crossin' my mind
but I'll never get so far behind
I said, the ways of the night are evil *
without that lord of day *
but I'll never get so far away
I said write me
write me
write me
well there's nothin' I can see that'd ever make me want to be
without her
she good, she good to me
said there's no way to explain the kind of feeling that you get out
in the
she good, she good to me
she good, she good to me
I love her
well I've been so many places
hidin' from the wind and the rain
but you could write me a letter
for to save me from a-goin' insane

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