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Made in AUT in 1996, Serial# 33215-2, Playing Time 51:45

This is album #9 from Canada's self-proclaimed "Metal Queen", and represents a drastic departure in style and sound texture from her previous albums.

"Emotional Rain", her previous album, displayed more subdued rock and better polished melodies than its predecessors, but this present album switches gears into what I call the "nowhere rock" genre.

I like LA's singing, and "LA&2P" demonstrates her talents. But everything around that is a great disappointment. From the opening notes of the first track, in which the vocals seemed to have been recorded in a large underground garage (maybe it was), I was afraid this album would be a musical catastrophe: the instrumentation is basic, poorly recorded, but mostly pointless: it's music without melody or purpose, and even though some of the arrangements are at times (but rarely) adequate, you won't be captivated by any of it.

This album was a 1-off: her latest, "Slick Chick", is a tribute to swing: talk about lack of constant direction!

Perhaps this will be enjoyable to people ignorant of Lee's previous albums, since they'll have nothing to compare it with. But if you're somewhat familiar with albums like "Powerline", "Bodyrock" or "Metal Queen", be careful this time: try to borrow a copy from someone else first, or listen to some song samples: this is no "traditional" Lee Aaron...
Song "Under The Stars"

Ooh... ooh
Walkin' on, down one more road
With his woman by his side
He thinks of all, the things he should've done
As 'e looks to the sky

Well he really wants ta break down, every wall...
That held 'im back and made him fall behind
He wants to live out, all of 'is dreams...
Ya know it really never dies
When you're under the stars....

While rollin' on, down a lonely road
He reflects upon the past
A simple guy, who means every word
Simple guys don' always finish last

Well he wants to set out, across the land
Conquer every battle that he's lost
Oh he wants to know, an' he wants to grow
Painful cries no tears ignore the cause

When you're, (under the stars under the stars)
(Under the stars under the star)

(Under the stars under the stars)
(Under the stars under the stars)
(Under the stars under the stars)
(Under the stars under the stars)
Stars, stars, stars yeah..
Thank you, thank you

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