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All about the original techno-rock band from Bosnia.
Amazon offers Therion Confidential (Audio CD),27 June, 2000
rock music |  AXA  | rock and roll music List price $8.98
I've got this CD from my boyfriend-AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! I didn't even have to listen intensely to appreciate this music. It goes into your ears and you start moonwalking and bodypopping immediately. Professionally mixed, this is the perfect CD for everyone. Is this progressive electronica, like the band states? Definitely not - this is intelligent eurobeat with strong influences from symphonic rock, and some heavy riffs. But it rocks big time. Extremely catchy, very detailed and many instruments with some electronic influences. This CD is great, absolutely fabulous! Radio friendly, and certainly a candidate for the Top 40. does good commercial music exist? Axa proves it does.BUT THEY AREN'T SUPERSTARS YET!!! WHY????
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