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A.R.Kane Page
Shrine to the band features news, discography, and lyrics.
Alex Ayuli's Idealize
Alex's home page includes some A. R. Kane songs in Real Audio.
Eyesore: A. R. Kane
Information about the band's debut EP released on 4AD records.
Amazon offers I (Audio CD),19 March, 1999
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odd , but good anyway / 5
" I " by a.r. kane is , like most of their work quite unique but definitely odd! now, odd is not a bad thing...basically i heard many times from reviews. etc that they were a shoegazer band (like cocteau twins, my bloody valentine, slowdive...etc.) but when i heard this album i was puzzled. this sounds like a confused band that just do whatever style of music they want and add some possible noise or shimmery guitar at infrequent took some time, but when you're bored, you will occupy yourself in some way and this album started to make sense. for example: " miles apart" sounds like a radio friendly pop song but once the chorus comes, tons of noisy guitar spirals throught he speakers. it sounds like an accident, but a good one at that...i may be making no sense, but this cd. ...the vocals sound a lot like arthur lee of love and if you like the above mentioned groups, you cant go wring...dont get discouraged if the music doesnt make sense...
Julian Cope Presents Head Heritage | Unsung | Reviews | AR Kane - "69"
AR Kane was the dreamscape brainchild of Alex Ayuli (instruments and stuff) ... However, the track on "69" that shows just how far out AR Kane would go is ...
AR Kane MP3 Downloads - AR Kane Music Downloads - AR Kane Music Videos
AR Kane MP3 Downloads - offers legal AR Kane music downloads as ... 0 reviews, your score. If you can see this, your browser does not support flash. ...
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