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Amazon offers Live (Audio CD),03 November, 1998
rock music |  311  | rock and roll music List price $17.98
Good But Missing The All Time Fan Favorite / 4
This is a great live album with alot of great tunes like Applied Science with the extended drum solo. Some of the songs are a little slow but still great. On here, you can find the fan favorite cover or Human Rights' Who's Got The Herb? which is a non album track found on the Hempilation: Freedom Is Norml benefit compilation. Also, Tribute, a non album song from the blue album sessions from ETSD. The one flaw I'd say this cd has is the absence of the all time fan favorite Fu88 the Bullshi8 and the more little known Summer of Love. Still this is a great album that doesn't deserve a Parental Advisory or and edited version (then again, nothing does). I own the regular one.
Song "!#$ The %&*! (Fuck The Bullshit) You know Im ready, and I rock steady
My names not Betty or Teddy, but Nick
And I'm not a hick with a head tick
Though I am from Nebraska
My girl is satisfied, you can ask her
You know I never visited Alaska
Huh, where the oil was spilt
That drunken captain should be killed
For polluting the sea, an atrocity
That fucks with me, well
This one goes to all the birds that drowned
Fuck the Bullshit, its time to throw down

Fuck the Bullshit, its time to throw down
Fuck the Bullshit, its time to throw down
Fuck the Bullshit, its time to throw down
Fuck the Bullshit, its time to throw down

Just fuck the bullshit, and get with it
Its time to throw down, so I said it
Words of wisdom, thatll keep yall guessing
Cause Im tired of playing and Im tired of messin around
With all yall suckers, and stupid mother fuckers
Who put down what I do
I stand alone with a groove thats new
Now that you know that the rhymes that I say
Are mine alone and I sure you dont play
I kick in your teeth, the condescending frown
Fuck the bullshit, its time to throw down

Fuck the Bullshit, its time to throw down
Fuck the Bullshit, its time to throw down

Right about now Id like to turn over the mic to my mentor SA Martinez

Go on hold it, Im poetry in motion
No jokin you pray, my word is spoken
Of the latest, the greatest, of hip-hop persuaders
The line, the rhyme, always amazes brothers
The mic drum is loomin,
And in your mind, my rap rhyme is bloomin like a flower

Fuck the bullshit SA, create the power

Just forget the dumb stuff, I call your bluff
Cause Im a big stick and youre a cream puff
And you hate it, and get frustrated
No tellin just how long you waited
I tell you what
Im a white boy, so I dont like the big butt
And, I got a plan, hand it to the man in the tan van
I would be perfectly sad if rap was fad
But its not, so I thought that Id give it a shot
Stupid dumb lyrics make you think Im a clown
I dont give a damn, its time to throw down

Fuck the Bullshit, its time to throw down
Fuck the Bullshit, its time to throw down
Fuck the Bullshit, its time to throw down
Fuck the Bullshit, its time to throw down

Read Ireland Book Review - Issue 311
Irish Bookstore specializing in books on Irish and Celtic subjects.
Review: 311, 311 - Jon Steltenpohl
Although "Down" starts out the album with the same old 311, there is a new ... Lyrically, 311 is taking on deeper topics than how dope their rhymes are. ...
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