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Amazon offers Sheet Music (Audio CD),03 May, 2000
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No Sophmore Slump / 5
10cc was a band that got better with every album, up until How Dare You! any ways: I've only heard Deceptive Bends and Bloody Tourists after this (though Look Hear and Ten out of Ten are in the mail) so I can't really judge those albums. But while the first album was a perfect mix of goofy jokes, innovative song writing and playing, and great satire, this album not only one ups that album musically, but ten ups it! sorry, bad pun.

The music gets much more complex on this album: the strange styles have amagalized into a style of complex genre changes, complex chord changes and harmonies, multiple parts, and on somewhere in hollywood, a sweeping, dramatic feel.

The lyrics are good too: funny, catchy, very great word play. Not my main focus in the band: gotta love those songs!

Pick up the Double Disc Uk Records Collection. It has this album, plus the first, all their b-sides from the two albums, and the single versions of the singles, plus some cool liner notes. It's easy to find if you live in america, and a steal!

Song "Everything You Wanted To Know About!!! (Exclamation Marks)"

I took my fantasy to Deborah
You know she's always been a friendly girl
You'll see her cruise the Picadilly streets
And she winks at every man she meets
I've been a fan of hers for quite a time
I tried to pull her with a bummer line
I asked her would she like a cigarette
And she said let's go to bed
(`cause that's what you want)
And so I went
And I was shocked
I was so green
Ground I wish you'd swallow me up
She had to laugh
I nearly died
Some Superstud!
There's more to this than meets the eye
I hurried back to read the manual through
You know the one that tells you what to do
But all I needed was the confidence
To start and break the ice
Experience would be a boon for life
And Debbie smiled as I came strolling by
I said I'd like to have a second shot
And I'd give it all I've got
And with a twinkle in her eye
She led me by the hand
Through a door to a room
Above a Soho restaurant
And she smiled and told me
Not to look so serious
But by the time she'd talked me down
I was delerious, I was away
I had to window shop in Amsterdam
But down the Troubador in Hollywood
I found a lover who was bold enough
To live my fantasy (this isn't a dream)
I was away
Up in the blue
How you gonna make it in a jet
The need to shock
Was coming through
Where would it end
You'll never know

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Labors of love don't come easy. Listeners expect albums to be difficult to create-wunderkind first demos aside, albums are meant to be slaved over, painstakingly put together. So how has U.K. three-piece Field Music managed to do it with such seeming ease?
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The things we do for love, we are reminded this week, far exceed walking in the rain and the snow when there's nowhere to go, as the old pop band 10cc put it.
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