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Includes a picture of Zim Zum and a quote by him in regards to Zoom.
The Intravenous Ultra World of Zim Zum (proboards)
A forum for all things Zim Zum/Pleistoscene and almost anything else you want to talk about.
Zim Zum
Another Xanga Blogring for his fans that have WebBlogs on this system.
Dean Guitars - Dean Players
A page for Zim Zum, who is endorsed by Dean Guitars. Features a couple of pictures of Zim with his Dean guitars, including one with founder Dean Zelinsky.
Amazon offers The Wonderful World of Shabbat (Audio CD),16 December, 2003
heavy metal |  Zim Zum  | heavy metal bands List price $14.98
On May 1st, 2004, Zim Zum honoured ZZIV with the title of Official Fansite. Here you will find exclusives from Zim Zum pictures, information, interviews, ...
Zim Zum Finally Comes Out Of Exile
According to Zim Zum he finally found the control he wanted by sacrificing everything else. ... REVIEW, LIVE: Snow Patrol Keep It Short And Sweet ...
Biography and Discography - Zim Zum
Sonic Divide Music - Album reviews and band information. ... If you need additional biography news you can also get Zim Zum Bio Books by visiting the ...
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